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wachovia story – bollywood ishtyle – the end

Producers Reddy gaaru and Shah saaheb were pressurising the director to complete the story. Our director, seeing no signs of a decision from Wall Street to decide on how to end, watched 13 Chinese, 8 Korean, 9 Vietnamese and 11 Telegu / Tamil movies to see what would be the best way to complete the story. After all, so many movies have flopped because of bad endings. But all the effort was going up in smoke and giving company to effort related smoke was 2 packets per day of cigarette smoke!

Finally, Wall St announces the decision approving Wells merger with Wachovia, Citi is out of the game.

Climax scene:

Straight Lift from DDLJ: Replace Amrish Puri with FDIC; Sathish Shah with Panditji, SRK with KDJ, the other stupid dude with Seeti and Kajol with Whacko.

Replace train with helicopter. Platform running with ladder climbing.

FDIC: “Jaa whacko jaa, tujhey is se zyaada pyaar aur koi nahin kar saktha, jaa whacko jaa”.

Run run run …. Whacko jumps on to the ladder and is pulled up by KDJ!





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