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Recession – effect on advertising!

In today’s recessionary economic circumstances (note that during MBA days, most of us, engineers were scared of Finance terms, and would not generally use recession / economics without being certain about the usage of such heavy terms. But today, asaalta, (meaning, aaraam se) everybody is showing off (in madraasi bhaasha, vuttifying peela)


Anyways, I was wondering what if cost cutting measures were taken to an extreme and there was no advertising or very less advertising. Would there be no TV programmes then? No cricket matches etc etc??


Another thought: what if a company had to advertise several products in one ad. For egjampull, imagine this as an ad from Hindustan Lever’s:


Young man wakes up, heads off to brush his teeth with Close-up / Pepsodent – has Lipton tea / Bru coffee, has a bath with Lifebuoy / Lux etc, uses Sunsilk shampoo, sprays Axe and is hounded by 35 married and unmarried women from the moment he gets out of his apartment complex in 100 feet Road, Velachery (Chennai). They follow him up to the IT combany bus stop at Velacheri bus stand and the traffic cop has a tough job pushing people away because of the ladees. This happens for 21 days after which cop resigns his job because he had started using Fair and Lovely for Men!!!! Ex-cop goes with some of the sundaris to an ice cream parlour and orders Kwality Wall’s ice cream. By the way, the young man choses a lady because she uses Liril soap!!


6 thoughts on “Recession – effect on advertising!

  1. It has already happened – it called Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

    Interesting people pay to watch it.

    Jargonization of my comment. “Product Placement”

    ~ Ananth

  2. Ingenious – advertising several products with one ad. That way, get the customer buy all of them when he walks into wal-mart.

    Still keep seeing car ads every day on TV. Hey those companies are going under – so who do they think is gonna buy those cars? Save those ad dollars for something else.


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