ICICI Customer service – the worst!!!!


I made an electronic fund transfer to a registered biller through Bill Pay. The biller didn’t receive the payment and bluntly says that I must contact ICICI.

I sent an email through their website and after 4-5 days got an automated reply saying that I must contact customer service. I contacted them via email because of the following unbelievably horrible experience.

“Welcome to ICICI. For english, press 1, hindi mein jaankari ke liyey press 2…

I press 1.

“sorry, we haven’t received your input. for english, press 1, hindi …. press 2 …

I press 1 again, “sorry, we haven’t………press 2…”

I am confused, wonder if this has something to do with the phone. I call from another phone (after verifiing pulse, tone et al). Same results!!!

I am wondering how do I get my money back? where is it lost? aaahhhh!!!!!!!

Now I understand that their Ceo’s name, Kamath signifies ‘Kaam Muth’ Karo!!!!


In 2 days time, after sending a mail to their head of service quality, i received my deposit back into my account. Wow! what phone calls and emails through ICICI website couldn’t do, a frustrated crib on my blog did! Of course, thanks a lot to the ICICI team for writing to me and doing this! Phew, i am happy at last.


3 thoughts on “ICICI Customer service – the worst!!!!

  1. Dear Mr. Iyengar,

    Please write to us at with your account number and contact details. Please use subject line as ” Comments from Site”.


    Nazia Sayeed
    Office of Head Service Quality
    ICICI Bank.

    Ranga: yes, I will. Thanks and I shall also report the progress on my blog. Hope your comment is a sincere attempt to help me and and not to show that you are doing something when you are not.

  2. You know Rangarajan, I have somehow been on the mailing list of HSBC in India for years (god knows how). I’ve even received statements meant for some other person. I keep emailing the bank and telling them – hey I’m not your customer and its not right to send me someone’s else’s banking info. Its now year 3 or it is year 4 and it still goes on.

    PS: So much for banking confidentiality! (& I have worked for 2 banks – one in India & one in the US)

    Ranga: Oh my god! And we would think a single entry into their systems would resolve the problem. Aaarthi has a Reliance cell phone that we bought in Bangalore, changed it to a Chennai number but couldn’t change the billing address yet – it is 4 years now and we have totally given up. So, we now use the Internet to view and pay bills.

  3. ROTFL… how come ICICI folks hav checked ur blog.. did u tell them u were writing one??? lol !! may be i shud also start doing that.. share the secret please

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