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BAR Discussions – Plato turning in grave

Bob and Raj were at office and decided to take a coffee break. It is nearly the end of the financial year, recessionomics is being discussed and debated globally, customers were on vacation but BAR had to finalize the plans for 2009. They walked down to Starbucks and promised to talk of things unrelated to work during the break. Raj spoke about how Facebook and Orkut helped him to get back in touch with so many of his old friends recently. Exchanging emails, chatting with school, college and old neighbours or family friends was such an experience.

Bob: Whats so great about it Raaszh? I find it dumb, same old pleasantries and an utter waste of time. If people were so important, why did you lose touch in the first place? Remember, people form networks and beyond networking for personal or commercial gain, everything else is a hallucinatory wrapper around the core truth.

Raj: I was intrigued – isn’t it amazing how I could relate to a friend I had known 25 years ago? I could connect so well. I have changed so much and so have they, but we could still connect. It’s like using a time machine, back to the past and being aware of the present in parallel. You exist in two modes at once!

Bob: We are in constant change mode, dude. We really are. Like Shrek says, ogres are like onions. We are layered too, just like onions.

Raj: The layer concept is only partially acceptable. It does not address all my questions! Say, we have multiple layers – layer 1, 2, 3 … N. When I talk to John, who went with me to school in 1985, then, will Layer 197 talk to his layer XYZ? Also, if John came online and I conference chatted with him and Kumar, who also went to school with us in 1985, would the same layers be active? Would 197 correspond to my behavior, thoughts or memories of 1985 and communicate with them or would additional layers tag along with 197?

Bob: What??? You think you are Plato’s kid? You are a joke of a philosopher!

Raj: I think the process of changing is rooted in the mind. Let us not talk about physical changes as we cannot control it. All we can do is bench press, regularize gym visits and feel fitter. Of course, in the Americas, an easy solution would be to pop a pill for looking younger. Then add side effects like, you may experience suicidal behavior, depression or lose your eyesight upto 78% etc.

Bob: What’s your point?

Raj: We all think, Bob and that’s a continuous non stop process. We go through happy, sad, neutral moments but what is constant along with breathing is thinking. Thinking continues even after breathing stops according to Vedas (Raj’s mind: I gotta check that Vedic reference but it was a nice lie that Bob didn’t see through ;-)) There is a saying in Hindi that Sir Wade had said, “Sochne se aadmi confuse hota hain’ (thinking causes confusion) but we keep thinking. Even when we sleep we think and call it a dream.
Thoughts are like bubbles. We think and the thought bubble bursts after a while. Energy is lost and stored as a memory file in our brain. Cindy_Crawford.mem, school_education_system.mem are memory files. Sachin.mem is a file stored in Tendulkar folder under Indian cricket under Cricket under Sports folder. Every time, we talk about a topic to somebody or think about the same or related topics, brain searches for related files. Logic to search is like a search engine – includes crawling, indexing and searching. We use algorithms or mix of algorithms and human inputs (human interference includes prompts like a mother when her 2 yr kid forgets that E follows D etc). Figure out how exactly our thoughts are connected and you could be in Artificial Intelligence or coming out with the next generation Google search engine!
Our character is nothing a mixture of all our active thoughts. The stored files are mostly passive thoughts. When we talk to a friend from 20 yrs ago, we unzip old folders, open archived files and as those old thoughts occupy a significant portion of our present thought process, we begin to feel younger. I could identify with myself version Kid 1.1, who was a fan of Chacha Choudhary, Tintin, Asterix when I connected with Amit, my neighbour in 1983. I am still a fan but you see what I am saying? I liked Tintin and now I like Ram Charan.
To feel younger, keep your thoughts from bursting as long as you can.

Bob: Lets go now. Please open folder Sales and ask your neuron or whatever to click on 2009 Planning!

Meanwhile, Plato has turned in his grave, and Plato the Ghost has ordered Web 2.0 for Dummies from Plato and BAR shall meet for dinner someday soon.
Bob, Raj and Plato wish you a happy 2009!


3 thoughts on “BAR Discussions – Plato turning in grave

  1. Layers!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooo! That was supposed to be the title of my new poem.. I had this idea in mind… and i always compared us humans to onions! I didn’t know Shrek said that.. god, I am going to sound phony!

    Ranga: Rishita must have watched Shrek 400 times now and I thought Shrek was only affecting my life. 😦 Ippo vun vaazhkailiyum playings aaa? Layer onion is just a starting point. You can always delve deeper and put your thoughts and write the poem. Shrek just made a statement. You should still go ahead with the poem! what say? 🙂

  2. Appa, just read the blog fully – interesting concept, and very true. The outer layer keeps changing depending on the external simuli. Its more natural than hypocritical. 🙂
    Interesting way of picturising the human mind as folders and sub-folders! Computers are beginning to make sense!

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