Satyam – A Cryptic crossword

The answers to the puzzle are people who have been involved with Satyam. You will find the names of people in the famous confession letter that Ramalinga Raju wrote recently. Other names are linked to Satyam and can be found in news articles etc. One name is that of a heroine ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy cryptic crossword solving and yes, I love anagrams, like the IT honcho in one of the clues! Also due to proper nouns in the answers, I used anagrams as it made crossword setting much easier. You can also find the puzzle here.


4. A Sad Indian Idol (1, 1, 5)
5. Indian King meets Lord of Death and is at a loss (9)
9. He parked at the peak and is a new face now (6, 6)
10. To re-avail tickets for Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna was perplexing (5, 6)
12. A distraught Abu gave knowledge transfer in one paragraph (9, 5)
13. Rub shoulders in Jail with IT honcho who loves Anagram (1, 9, 4)
14. Ku Klux Klan member likes rain and more rain (5, 6)
17. Thomas ran and found him inside (1, 1, 5)
19. Greet man in Thames (6, 5)
20. Superb goalkeeper Jo caught in scam (3, 7)
21. Confused Ria looked for places in the drawing with a sprain (6, 6)
1. Why, I hear, a modern computer language is hurriedly going to whitewater to mix? (5, 6)
2. The Hindi population believes this minister secretly loves the moon (4, 5, 5)
3. His ability to haunt a couple of hundred people can be useful in these times. Dazed? (1, 7)
6. Painting on a wall or ceiling four times (6, 1)
7. Dashing India opener goes to a Himalayan subrange, we hear (8, 7)
8. In snow flakes Habib was found with a famous martial arts animal kids love (6, 1, 5) Update: (oops, the middle 1 letter is a blank :-()
11. Twist Indian Godโ€™s arm to paint my morning (3, 9)
15. Taraโ€™s free flowing hair was a mystery (1, 4)
16. TV ratings with endless south Indian soup served with dreaded underworld company (1, 1, 6)
18. Unfortunately, looking at this beauty is a transgression (4)

Answers are below:


Detailed explanations:

4. A S Murthy (Murthy in hindi is idol)
5. Indian king = Rajan and Lord of Death = Yama
3. At a loss indicates anagram => yama + rajan = Jayaraman(9)
9. Anagram of (He + Parked + Peak) gives Deepak Parekh and yes, he is a new face now
10. Perplexing indicates anagram and we get Kiran Kavale as a result of mixing (Re-avail and KANK)
12. Distraught shows anagram. We mix Abu + KT (knowledge transfer) + paragraph to get Prabhakar Gupta
13. B Ramalinga Raju by mixing Rub + Jail + Anagram. Yes, he loves Anagram as is shown by Satyam and Maytas ๐Ÿ˜‰
14. KKK + Rain + Rain = Kiran Karnik
17. T ran and gives T R Anand
19. Hi + Man + Thames = Manish Mehta
20. Superb = AI, goalkeeper = goalie and Jo combine to give Joe Lagioia
21. Confused shows anagram; Ria + Map + Sprain gives Sriram Papani
1. Why, I hear is Y, Computer language is Java, Whitewater = Rapids. Y + Java + Rapids = Vijay Prasad
2. Love = Prem, Moon = Chand, Secret = Gupt(a) and he is Corporate Affairs Minister
3. Dazed shows anagram. Haunt + C + C gives C Achutan
6. Painting on a wall or ceiling = Mural and four = IV in roman numeral and answer is Murali V
7. Virender and a Garhwal like sound gives Virender Agarwal
8. We get Keshab in In snow flakes Habib and Panda is from Kung fu Panda
11. Twist Indian Godโ€™s arm gives Ram and paint + my + am (morning = am) gives Ram Mynampati
15. T from Tara and Hair to give T Hari
16. TRP + Rasa (Rasam minus m as endless Rasam) + D (of D Company fame) = T R Prasad
18. ASin ๐Ÿ™‚

One more clue: Vandalism shook him up financially (1, 8 )
Answer is the CFO, S Vadlamani, strangely an anagram of Vandalism. lets just say this is just coincidence? ๐Ÿ˜€


2 thoughts on “Satyam – A Cryptic crossword

  1. You are a genius !!

    Ranga: thank you soo much. at least somebody somewhere has gone through my crossword ๐Ÿ™‚ but the compliment was a little tooo much. i used technology available on the web to create the crossword. Only set the clues ๐Ÿ˜‰

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