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Random Thoughts on Slumdog, Orgasm, PWC and Phased talks

Random thoughts on Slumdog, some more random thoughts, a HR Consultant’s story and finally nostalgia:
• SM (Slumdog Millionaire)’s Oscar triumph is making me wonder aloud. It was a very happy moment for me to see our good old A R Rahman win 2 this year. Roja, Bombay etc saw better work, but so what? Maybe, imagine if there is a better bowler than Harbhajan Singh in rural Nagaland and we found out his doosra bowling skills 5 years from now. The world did not know Roja before, so how could they give an Oscar! SM got its inertia of motion or was it inertia of emotion thanks to Rehman, like most ARR movies.
• I just don’t understand why ARR should have thanked India like Resul. By the way, I was very happy to see Resul too and felt proud to see an Indian win in a global forum. He had got his break with Black and given his humble background, I feel very happy for this Kerala fighter!
In a different context, ngpay need not dedicate success to India. People just have to say something against anything you say or do. The more successful you are the more daggers are out 🙂
• Rehman made a statement on choosing between love and hate and explained it too – he says it is impossible to have hatred and compose music. That’s the love and hate he spoke about and many of our countrymen were waiting to confirm if he had meant choosing between Hinduism and Islam! Grrr …. Hindu Muslim, huh!!! Are we seriously living in the 21st century? Resul is a Muslim too – not sure how many people know that!
We, as a nation can dedicate at least 20 billion man days to cricket and cricketers annually! How many times have man of the match or series or tournament winning captains or century makers in cricket dedicated their individual achievements to the country? That is a game where we see India Vs ABC country, right?
• At Oscars it was great to see people win it without ending up like Ivan Lendl’s Wimbledon conquest. Kate Winslet’s speech was touching and I was inspired when she said she had been holding a shampoo bottle since 8 years old in front of a mirror and practicing the Oscar ‘thank you’ speech for so many years. I have also been holding rulers and practising like King Viv Richards since I was six
Imagine being on the same stage as Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas etc … wow, the awards ceremony brings together so many talented people, we need to stop criticizing and sometimes learn to appreciate things. One of the winners said, he spent 4 years making a 14 minute movie. That would roughly mean consuming 365 days for 3.65 minutes of movie making.
• Now for the gyan. Slumdog Millionaire is a great movie, but we should not try to compare it with a Lord of the Rings or Benhur etc. This movie has cracked the system very well. The cunning Boyle has struck the magic formula by weaving a story using some of the topics or themes that would be controversial somewhat but also appeal to the judges and audience likewise. It is a superlative sales and marketing exercise, in my opinion. SM is a product that results in a unique user experience. If you can successfully stitch reality TV show like KBC, capture the fan following for Big B, talk about riots, childhood love, bad big brother turned good bro at the end, sacrifice, don, gory dark side of the city, lots of garbage, slum kids, cops, corrupt host, you just cannot go wrong. ARR’s genius only goes on to strengthen the case. I am certainly saying this in a very positive sense and absolutely think it is pure genius to think through and come up with a concept like Slumdog Millionaire. Hats off to the creators – to hell with the fact that it is westerners behind the movie! Why should India be angry at its ugly side being exposed in SM, anyway? The US exposed its ugliest side for 8 years when last President, George Bush appeared on TV and other media every morning, noon and night 🙂 This was told to me by an American student studying World culture when we met at the SV temple in Pittsburgh!
• Last time I was travelling, I met a HR consultant on the plane, who was proudly saying that his area of expertise is Organization Behavior and Org Structure Management etc. My idle mind began to wonder that if his wife were a nymphomaniac, she would probably call him Orgasm Officer! Organization Structure Management Officer, huh!
• One thing I also came to know about Oscar is that the winners name are known only at the time of announcement but it is already made known to the auditors, PWC. Pwc was also the auditor for Satyam – coincidence??

Reading the above post reminded me of a certain style of speech that was made popular by DP. We called DP, 2 phase DP or 3 phase DP depending on which phase he was operating on.

Example of 2 phase DP speech:
Sentence 1: We have an exam tomorrow
Sentence 2: I am hungry
Sentence 3: I have to study
Sentence 4: I will go to the canteen
Sentence 5: I dont have notes to study
Sentence 6: Hope the canteen has not run out of Maggi

Example of 3 phase DP speech:
Sentence 1: We have an exam tomorrow
Sentence 2: I am hungry
Sentence 3: Meena is beautiful
Sentence 4: I have to study
Sentence 5: I will go to the canteen
Sentence 6: I will give a Valentine’s Day Card to Meena
Sentence 7: I dont have notes to study
Sentence 8: Hope the canteen has not run out of Maggi
Sentence 9: Do you think Meena will watch Slumdog Millionnaire with me at the Waterfront Theatres?

Will scribble more later, ciao!


5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Slumdog, Orgasm, PWC and Phased talks

  1. Excellent !! As always !!
    N I absolutely agree we need to stop criticizing and stop appreciating. Wait a minute. When did I appreciate someone last?? Tough one !!

    Ranga: Thanks so much. I appreciate the honesty in your comment. I was talking abt this to some of my friends and a couple of them admitted how it has become a way of life to keep criticizing. 😦

  2. The Oscars are NOT INTERNATIONAL awards, like Olympic medalS , or Nobel prizes, or international film festival awards. They are American awards, for English movies only, also awarded to non-Americans based on certain restrictive rcriteria. Giants like RAY, BENEGAL, KARANTH, and KARNAD never won an Oscar. It is absurd for ppl , and PARLIAMENT and the PM, of all ppl , to go ga-ga over an Indian movie winning the Oscars.
    The Indian press has blown up this matter out of proportion. But it is very easy and common for some Indians, who are well-connected with the media, to exaggerate and project any award, no matter how insignificant, from any country as a world-wide award. Media is least bothered abt things like proportion and true epresentation

  3. gr8 blog , very intellectual and witty , not only on SM, but also the HR and the n-phase DP

    Ranga: Thanks, KRam. The n-phase DP is a true story though. I did have a batchmate at hostel who used to speak like that. We had a great time pulling his leg and talking in multiple phases 🙂

  4. The DP speech reminds me almost all conversations between mum and pati – oh its hilarious!! They both talk about their respective households at the same time! Its fun!

  5. Long time since I came here 🙂 Been busy. I agree about the whole criticism bit. We always take our stars for granted and criticise them too much.

    The orgasm thing ellam – konjam over daan 😀

    Ranga: Thanks for visiting after long time 🙂 I left some comments on your blog and am scared of you now after reading the biting part 🙂 i agree about the orgasm statement, over lollu mood 😉

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