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Piece of mind

Thinking is like the 24 hour radio channel in the head, and the graphs below show the evolution of thoughts in different areas of one’s life at 15 year intervals. I am assuming hobby to be a different category from personal thoughts!


Growing up is such a pain – how I wish I could become a 3 year old and play with my daughter and her friends now.
In the context of time pass, how to pass time and remembering past time, just indulging in Piece of mind analysis while searching for peace of mind, huh! How about a mind of peace? Bheja fry, madness …. sleep, zzz!!!


7 thoughts on “Piece of mind

  1. 20% of time spent on thinking about girls?


    Ranga: Ha ha – the other parts of the circle is dedicated to love, sex, movies and games – most are girl related πŸ™‚ numbers are indicative and depends on the mood and time.

  2. Too much time you have on hands, I say!

    Ranga: This was one of the least time consuming posts for me πŸ™‚ ellamey microsoft excel and word data entry over the last few weeks in instalments .. he he!

  3. Hey !! long time since i missed my childhood — but I do remember my BE days when I listen to sentimental songs like
    “Those were the days my friend ” , ” Shalalala”, Yellow River, “Lay Back in the arms”, Beautiful Sunday, as well as Illayaraja songs, and Hindi and Tamil songs from 50’s thru 70’s. One recent song i like a lot is “Mujhe neend na aayay” from Dil , 1990. :-)).
    GR8 BLOG !!

  4. Good stuff …

    these grphs remind me of the math problems u taught us ;))

    Ranga: It reminded me too of those days when I used to teach. Now, I wonder if I can ever do that again! most probably not πŸ˜€

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