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Cricket, politics and more random thoughts

If one were to come up with a list of two of the biggest entertainment activities in India, it would obviously be cricket and politics. One may want to include films over politics but let us assume that current popularity charts would rate cricket and politics as leading passion generators in India. Anyways, film stars own franchises or are busy campaigning today.

While elections are increasing costs in the country, the IPL would certainly have generated more money and that is such a welcome thought, given the economic climate. The IPL teams are all from big cities. So, elections in these cities should have happened or should happen online – the entire life cycle of election management from campaigning through voting should happen using youtube, emails, tv, radio etc. The voting mechanism should be such (through sms / free call / online) that we wouldn’t need security forces to be deployed. That way, the idle security folks could have focused on the IPL games and Election Commission could have avoided shipping IPL ver 2.0 to South Africa.

Hmm … what a silly idea this was! This is just not possible because most people who vote are not online users. In fact, most online users do not bother to vote – that’s another story. While there is lot of attention given to strategy and a candidate is carefully chosen after analyzing the population breakup by caste, religion and other extremely important ‘winnability’ factors, it is a pity we still have people in top cities who struggle – but election after election, decide to do something and ‘caste’ their vote.

Considering various theories and thoughts that range from basic to complex, I think it wouldn’t be incorrect to assume that there is mostly no difference between X and Y party. So why have elections in those cities while we could have had IPL? Security concerns!! If ‘Indian’ Premier League can be held in South Africa, why cant elections for all these cities’ seats be held in some other country? If the operations of large corporations in the US and other parts of the globe can be outsourced to India, if IPL can be held in SA, why cant Indian elections at least for all the metros with IPL franchises be outsourced to an external agency in some country outside India? Ok, this may be radical and against the spirit of democracy – so we can offer a solution to the politicians. Wherever not acceptable to the candidates, top 2 candidates shall be ‘elected’ for half the term each. Choosing top 2 candidates could be left to candidates to decide amongst themselves and hmm … this raises cash for vote possibility, but what the hell! That way, nobody has to vote, no external sourcing strategies to be discussed and decided, and IPL would remain in India.

Amidst all these thoughts, another chain of events show how much of an impact Indian politics has started to have on international cricket. Take this – IPL moved out due to security concerns that primarily stemmed from the Mumbai attacks. Pakistan’s troubles increased since the Sri Lankan team bus was attacked and World Cup has been shifted from Pakistan. To where?? Mumbai, of course! All big matches in India seem to happen only at Mumbai. Nagpur and Mohali are other big venues. Whatever happened to the best cricket ground in India – the Eden Gardens?
Sharad Pawar and others seem to be multi-tasking and we can all drink the heady cocktail of cricket and politics that our politicians serve. Who cares? Cheers! … Hic!


4 thoughts on “Cricket, politics and more random thoughts

  1. One of our biggest matches, ’96 world-cup semi-finals between India & Sri Lanka was held in Eden Gardens, and it ended with the viewers showeing shoes, plastic bottles and much more on the ground. It happened again few years later ( don’t remember which match it was). Maybe everyone has just lost their trust on Eden Gardens.

  2. Hi .. good write-up. “Caste their vote” sounds pretty original, I’ve never heard of that usage before. Most of your ideas sound implausible, but yes, it is the time for us to think differently if we want different things.

    Ranga: Caste their vote was original 🙂 New ideas find their way out through my head to my blog whenever time permits. And your blog is getting better and better. I loved the slideshow you had put.

  3. @ Archana –

    If that was the concern, I’m sure that cricket players would prefer bottles rather than bullets being hurled at them.

    All said and done, the Eden Gardens is the Lord’s of India and I think it should not just be ignored.

    Ranga: Very true Karsub. Archana, I was at the Eden Gardens in that unfortunate semi final match and yes, it wasn’t pleasant but having had the fortune to watch matches at Eden and Mumbai, there is absolutely no doubt that Eden is way too much ahead in terms of its beauty. The crowd is not that bad actually, and can be controlled.

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