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I am deleting this post as this was more of a personal venting out anger kind of a post and is not relevant anymore.


3 thoughts on “Context

  1. Hey Ranga. Good to see you back blogging. You’ve vented a lot of steam on this post. Quite unlike your style of writing.

    While I have also experienced a lot of what you had mentioned, I think in introspection, you identified the issue correctly when you said we are all programmed to say something under such circumstances.

    I feel that as humans beings we are “required” to say something. Talking is very important under such circumstances. Unfortunately, some of kind are not very good at making small talk especially under crucial circumstances. It’s okay. They only mean well.

    Looking forward to “happier things”

    Ranga: Thanks Karsub, i totally agree. Thanks so much!

  2. Phew..
    Better left uncommented, as this is making me think if i am in the list of “speaking something out of context”.

    Ranga: No no, not at all.

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