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10 Minutes of Happiness

There, I am once again sitting in the airport waiting for the metal bird to open its door and let me sit on one of its seats. Then I shall start feeling the familiar feeling in my ears. The feel of something blocking my ear, hear some small kid crying, observe people (especially focusing on the hotter variety of the fairer sex) before I try to complete some work, then decide against it, try to read something and then fall asleep, wake up suddenly wondering if I was snoring and disturbing my co-passengers, look apologetically and appear as if I cared! I don’t travel as extensively as some of my colleagues do but the fact is that excessive travel makes you jet lagged even if you travel in the same time zone itself. The reason is that you got to get up pre-dawn and end up sleeping late, develop bad eating habits etc etc.

Am I complaining or was I just stating facts? I don’t know but I begin to wonder how much of complaining we all do. My cribs since morning: The flight is not on time, there was a butterfly in my stomach, my phone fell down, I bumped my head against the hood of my rental car, my cell phone signal sucked at the hotel where I was staying, the prospect I met today was a waste of time, the security guard was looking at me as if I was a thief, I forgot my mobile charger, its so goddamned hot in charlotte, blah blah blah… I was convinced that each of my complaints was justified. But it was a matter of perspective – So I have promised myself that at least 10 continuous minutes a day, I shall only think / talk all the positive things I did or encountered today. Basically 10 minutes of continuous happiness.

It is not as easy as it sounds, try it and let me know what you think / experience. I had a tough time after 2-3 minutes.


3 thoughts on “10 Minutes of Happiness

  1. That’s a good intention. A person I know practices this as much as he can. In fact, he only speaks to people who talk positive things and he has a small gang of such people who meet and discuss non-negative things.

    Even he admits it is pretty tough. I have been trying to follow it myself, but don’t seem to be succeeding much.

  2. Uncomfortably close to truth! Well I can say that when I am “not tinking” and just day-dreaming, I can meet the 10-minute happiness goal. The moment I start observing, pop goes the bliss!

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