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Gulaal – role of lyrics and music

I love to see lyrics and music being an integral part of the movie’s story line. Although there are lots of movies with good music, somehow, especially in Bollywood / Tamil movies, the songs are mostly added for the sake of it. Or you have something as Hum Aapke Hain Kaun which are supposedly musicals! Take this, hero and heroine are talking about some random emotion inside their house, hug in the bedroom and voila, song and dance happens to random bhangra beats in an african desert while camels lazily watch at colorful dancers throw dates into an oasis in a bid to recalculate bouyancy formulaes and prove Archimedes wrong! the song also goes ‘I love you rekha, eureka eureka!!” oh balle oh balle!

So, it was great to see a movie over the weekend, Gulaal, that used lyrics and music so nicely. I found the choreography, music and lyrics absolutely brilliant. In several scenes, there is a character (the guy plays a singer) who starts singing on just about anything and the acting was good too. Of course Kay Kay Menon must be one of the best actors in India today.

Unfortunate that despite the above positives, the movie still seems lost on what it wants to communicate clearly.
But well, I am still singing, “Door des ki tower mein ghus gaya aeroplane!” “Chakhmakh chakhmakh chakhmakh …”


5 thoughts on “Gulaal – role of lyrics and music

  1. What movie, when release?! How come I didn’t even hear about that name ‘Gulaal’!
    Funny write-up though!Haha!!

    Ranga: I also dont know when it was released. must be a recent movie. ok movie – in the movie, gulaal is the color that all party members of Rajputana party apply on their faces when attending meetings and standing in strange black color party uniform with torches as if about to light up an olympic flame or something like that, more like a cult than a political party, actually! but who cares, kay kay pulled it off and our hero is a vague senti confused dude who starts as a chamatthu paiyyan and ends up as a seriyaana bekku loosu loser!

  2. Haven’t seen the movie but I loved Yaara Maula and the shudh hindi in Aarambh Hai Prachand. Also similar is the song Vishwas Mein from Raaz 2 with some bombastic hindi.

    Ranga: Thanks Vikash for the comment. Good to see your love for shudh hindi is still intact. because of you i got pushed to doing better in hindi at school and listening to good hindi is so nice to the ears. i will listen to the vishwas mein – yet to hear that one. Thanks for your comment and a visit to my blog too 🙂

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