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Same Same – not Puppy Same anymore!

Shame shame puppy shame was a common phrase I heard as a kid, but even google struggles to give exact meaning of what the phrase means. Lets just say, it means shame because you, as 3 year old kid was undergramentless or did something outrageously stupid! That is deviating from the same same topic though, so I jump into the story rightaway.

Ramanathan: “I was doing fine and then I started Living On Varying Emotions”.
Ramanathan’s father: “What?”
Ramanathan: “Yeah, I fell in Love and didn’t know that’s what Love meant!”
Ramanathan’s father: “Oh, great, who is the girl?
Ramanathan: “No, it’s a boy, dad and I am going to marry him and him only”.
Ramanathan’s father: “But, but … what about Rekha? Your horoscopes match so well, it has to be a match made in heaven”.
Mom enters the scene, “Oh my god, is this what I deserve after all these years?”
Ramanathan: “But this is not illegal anymore, ma!”

Ad in Matrimonial section of The Hindu:

Handsome boy, 28 years old, ABC caste, XYZ star, BCD community earning 7 figure income, great family, looking for another handsome boy. Clean habits and straight family preferred. Please respond to PO Box 123, The Hindu, XXXX.

Hmm … I had attended a training programme last weekend with about 80 odd people, which included 3 gay couples. There were 2 men couples and 1 lady couple. Their relationships are still going strong after 32, 28 and 27 years respectively. This really startled me and I was able to see that they really loved and respected each other. Had I not seen them closely, I would never really have thought that the possibility of such relationships could be genuine and not something unnatural. I have never seriously thought about the same sex stuff much and one reason for that was obviously that I have always been straight 🙂 So, I did not have to come out of my space and even try to understand the possibility of the other world. In doing that, I also fooled myself into believing that I was an open minded person on this issue. But, deep inside, I didn’t really feel comfortable with the concept at all. After all, a significant part of my thought process will always be a Tam Brahm, right?

But it is inevitable that this form of sexual orientation has to be accepted at some point in the future. Whenever that happens, I am wondering what would happen to the conservative roots of the Indian society. The ad I typed above would be real and we would be used to different stories:

Bhaag gaya mera beta. Ram ke saath! [My son ran away with Ram]
Naak kat gayi humari biraadri mein. Bhaag gayi meri beti. Radha ke saath! [Our family’s respect is all lost. My daughter ran away with Radha]

And Ram or Radha could be your son, daughter, friend, brother or sister and not just someone you had heard of or seen somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Same Same – not Puppy Same anymore!

  1. ranga …u have a great sense of humor..and keen eye and manuplative words to make the ordinary ad and words sound so funny…in the process u r also helping others who read your blog to develop humor and look at the world with a different prespective..keep writing..what do i do , if i want my other friends to read ur blog…i mean can they have access!!

  2. Senti stuff… It will take at least 2 more decades in India to accept the legalisation such weddings..
    I guess we are happy the way we are.

    BTW did I tell you, you write amazing 😉

    Ranga: I dont know, in India the rate at which the Westernisation bug has hit us, it may not take that long.
    And thanks for the compliment 😉

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