random thoughts

Monday daydreams

Some interesting thoughts on the past and future:
I worked for companies that were profitable and well, lets assume an average of 20% net profit from the revenues as a benchmark. So I thought of myself as an organization too and drew up an approx value of my earnings for the 12 years or so that I have been working in the big bad corporate world. My savings or net profitability is so abysmally low, how can I ever sell my stock (RRI or R Rangarajan Iyengar Inc) in any imaginary stock exchange? I am not even a penny stock! What a realization!

So I am going to look at serious cost cutting measures and find out new ways to increase revenues from alternate sources as well.

We always want to immediately classify people in some fixed way that we know people are – smart, dumb, handsome, beautiful, stupid, ugly etc. And we also exactly know what he / she will reply if we go and talk to them on something. This, in Landmark / Vanto terminology is called a racket (read the Three Laws of Performance for more gyaan). So, I decided to give up my rackets and went ahead to communicate with a couple of people I hated! And in doing that with an open mind, I did surprise myself at the responses.

So, going back to point 1 and combining both points 1 and 2, I might be begging Ambanis or Mittals or some rich dudes to please part with a miniscule percentage of their money to a racket free man like me. Who knows?

Despite being an IIT IIM graduate, I am technologically challenged in most situations and do not get the basics of Finance right. Of course, I am now a proud subscriber of HBR, Mckinsey quarterly etc and am reading stuff to get better, but from deep inside, I know that there are certain things I can and cannot do. These are areas of improvement for me.

Combining points 1, 2 and 3 from above, I am going to approach the rich tycoons with business ideas and pitch (a better idea than using a self derogatory act like begging, huh! How could I think of that earlier?!) to them with strategically value adding crap and insist that they part with a fraction of their money. One drop of water evaporating from the sea couldn’t make much of a difference to the sea of financial resources available to them. So, I will use technology by using powerpoint presentations and schedule these meetings using a hi-fi phone. I shall also create financial models using excel to wow them.

Despite my love for the media / arts, I have always stayed away from book writing / playing my violin or writing a script for Bollywood or Hollywood because I like to think about how creative I am vis-à-vis most jokers who write scripts in the cine field. But when I look at great people, I get an automatic excuse to persist with my laziness in a justified manner. But hey, there is no term, greatest in any field. The buck stops at being great or better, trying to be doing what you want to do.

So, there are 2 options available to me now when I combine all the above points.
A. I create multimedia presentations for the business heads and go pitching (dunno why my mind wants to argue and call it begging for opportunities).
B. Whether I fail or succeed in above attempts, I write a book / autobiography.
C. If it fails, I still feel I did move my lazy ass and if it succeeds, I make the book into a movie

But unfortunately, right now, I got to go back to work and I am going to turn my outlook to a different world, the world of Outlook Calendar and schedule the above plan. Maybe I need a Project Plan or whatever.
My Monday daydreams are so hot and sexy – gives me good time pass and now, I can get to work again!!


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