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Around giants

I dozed off in the car – I always do that whenever the drive is more than 10 minutes. Obviously I do that only when I am not driving. When I woke up, I was completely shocked at what I saw. I had come to a mall for giants. I had never seen so many gigantic creatures before. They were walking around, talking to each other excitedly, some were big and some were not so big but even the smallest giant was at least 5 times my size.

I saw giants that had come from different parts of the world. The Hindu giants or Rakshasas were busy discussing something in a language I did not understand. I was certain they were going to roast me and eat me for breakfast.

There was an angular faced giant and I was certain he was Greek. He had a technical name, Ajax and his shorter friend, a slow moving Herodotus was looking at me hungrily.

Then, there were the Norse giants too, frost giants (hrímþursar), fire giants (eldjötnar), and mountain giants (bergrisar), all sounding strange. The women giants wore short skirts but I was too scared to look up fearing an angry reaction from them or their protective boyfriends. Ogres and trolls were roaming around freely at the mall often picking up dresses and putting it on them.

Was I so small that they didn’t notice me or were they too busy in their own worlds? Whatever the truth, I was increasingly unsure of how long it would be before my end would happen. It seemed inevitable.

I felt helpless and scared to do anything. I began to get restless because the giants were busy with whatever they were doing and didn’t seem to be intent on crushing me. What if some giant lifted me and ran away? Would I be kept in a cage like the parrot at my neighbor’s house? Would the giant watch the same TV programmes that I do or would he beat me or what else awaited me – a medley of thoughts ran through my mind mainly out of fear and insecurity. Suddenly I felt that I was moving through the crowd – I didn’t do anything myself, something was making me move, actually meander through the madding crowd of those colossal beings – I was going straight but all of a sudden found myself moved to the left and then to the right, then straight again. This state of being, where I had absolutely no control of what was happening around me or to me and being surrounded by all the smelly giants was making me puke. When I looked up, I could only see up to the asses of those creatures. Their faces seemed so far above. Then, I knew how to bring the situation under control, I knew exactly how to be safe.

All I had to do was cry and cry out loud! I did that and immediately, got a bottle of milk stuffed into my mouth. My mom giant and father giant are always so nice to me. By the way, hi, I am Dinesh and I am seven months old. God knows why my parents take me to malls!


5 thoughts on “Around giants

  1. Lol. Dinesh appears to be well initiated into worldly affairs (like looking up short skirts and ogling at asses..I mean assests). Remarkable 😀


    Ranga: Ha ha … gotta tell his parents to keep him under strict watch 😉

  2. wah wah sirji. bhary good saar

    Ranga: Thank you very much shaab. good words from you is always so nice to hear, yeayee!

  3. as usual a brilliant piece. I guessed the end btw.. pat on my back..
    nice reading ur posts after a long time.. looks like am close to getting a life 🙂

    Ranga: Thanks, and great to see that you guessed the end 🙂

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