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Jealous Bastard, Possibility and Humanity

I have written about 5 to 10 poems as a kid but threw them all away decades ago, thinking they were not good. But with my paradigm shift in thinking and ‘who cares?’ attitude, I broke the barriers. Barriers of too much of thinking ‘will this be good enough to post’ or ‘should I even share something I suck at’ but finally going ahead with what I feel is an honest attempt at poetry! Ha ha … as I said, who the heck cares? Enjoy!

Hi, My name is Jealous Bastard

When others doing better I see, green I go with envy,
By green I go, not the environmental green impact, I mean,
Implied is the envy bloodied green that makes my life go topsy turvy,
And to I, better than me, anybody is so difficult to be seen.

Eternally looking for ways to ridicule and discourage go getters,
For known I have that all possibilities cannot just be made to happen,
Somebody when does manages to break the impossibility fetters,
Quickly I all let be known how the achiever was luck stricken.

Selfish I am and care not for why and what around me, people want,
Because, I, me and myself is all that is worth I bother about,
Right I am, and others are wrong, even if all that know me, do me taunt
All time, alive and kicking I am for a reason and an excuse to shout.

Hi, My name is Mr. Possibility

Open to learning I am, from the others’ success stories
Learn also I do from failures of others, so to not repeat them in my life.
Team player I am and believe that with possibility reality marries,
Only if with pessimism, resentment and regret you be not at strife.

The future is full of possibilities and can we make anything happen
A dreamy eyed soul I am and ensuring success I love for our team
Knowing, our resolve, focus and belief in mind if we sharpen
We can get anything, matter not how tough it may seem.

Unstoppable and happily moving towards our goals, we go
Marching ahead, not afraid of failure or success as a result,
Because that’s the one and only way it has got to be so
For failure can only teach and is not to our efforts an insult.

Who you want to be is a matter of your choice,
Being Somebody Else or Jealous Bastard or Mr. Possibility?
Whoever – but may your choice be wise enough to rejoice,
Please, good you be as each of us play roles shaping humanity.


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