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Soap and Love uncles’ walking discussion

Meet SOAP and LOVE, two young Telegu green card flaunting men in their late twenties. They are working in Government jobs in the US of A, but are more glued to ETV, Eenadu newspaper than Fox News or even TOI.
Mr. Speaker of All Points (SOAP) is self styled Fundaguru, who likes to express his opinions on anything and everything. An observation without a thought and a thought without a comment is not possible for SOAP babaai.
Mr. Listener of Virtually Everything (LOVE), on the other hand, would listen and reply with a counter question. Love gaaru is a serious, lost in his own world type dude, who is nicknamed Love Uncle by his friends.
Soap and Love are taking a stroll around the perimeter of their apartment complex at Pittsburgh.

Soap: Strange are we the humans.

Love: Why do you say that?

Soap: On one hand, we want things to get faster and faster – instant coffee, instant noodles, high speed internet etc – anything that can give us more comfort we want that, no?

Love: Yeah, so?

Soap: So nothing, Love! We want more time to waste more time.

Love: What are we going to do wasting more time? What about YSR, he got instant death, no?

Soap: That is exactly where I was going. When it comes to death, we cannot face or accept it, especially, the instant variety.

Love: Why? Death in any form is unacceptable.

Soap: The natural way of looking at things has conditioned us in strange ways. Look at the day to night transition, change of seasons, growing up from baby to man. Obviously, we would find it strange to encounter a bright afternoon hot sun one moment, suddenly followed by darkness of the night. Or a hot sultry summer day followed by a snow storm in the next one hour. Nature gives us time to adjust our lenses, cone and rod cells in the eyes to adjust from evening to night. Cone and red cells or something like that, I remember from those days of Biology classes in school.

Love: What is your point?

Soap: Well, we want slow transition; instant change is only acceptable when a sari clad homely heroine in Bollywood suddenly changes into a mini skirt for a dream song and dances around in the rain with macho hero.

Love: But why did people commit suicide?

Soap: Initially, I was aghast. But look at those people and how their heads are wired. They did because they were unable to accept change.

Love: Wired?

Soap: Thought process, Love, their way of thinking is like that. They feel they are a body while their blood is YSR. So, when blood splits out, they have to end their lives. Haven’t you seen Kamal Hasan’s Nayagan? How old women pour petrol and light fire to themselves.

Love: Yeah. Does Kamal have a similar hot kissing scene like Vinod Khanna and Madhuri in the Hindi version, Dayavan?

Soap: Love!!! Where is YSR and where is a hot smooch? You are one strange thinker.

Love: Ok. So what about YSR’s son being projected as the CM candidate?

Soap: With great power comes great responsibility. The CM’s post equals great power and mark my words, new candidates will come up. Sonia will handle it well, though, by maintaining status quo, probably.

Love: Shall we go? I am hungry.

Soap: Your last sentence was not a question!! So, let us go.


2 thoughts on “Soap and Love uncles’ walking discussion

  1. Ranga are you a sleepwalker?(You know why I am asking you this…if not think about last night.)

    Ranga: Yesterday was one off, kaam tha and I had to complete the work. weekends ko i become Kumbhakaran anyways 🙂

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