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Abhimanyu could have been saved with a Brahmastra

Problems in life seem to arrange themselves in a Chakra Vyuha formation. Like Abhimanyu, who knew how to enter the Chakravyuha but didn’t know how to come out of it, we become Abhimanyus when it comes to dealing with problems. Office, work, home, money, love, exercising, hobbies, time management are top of the mind warriors attacking us within the chakravyuh boundaries. Abhimanyu was a brave and skilled fighter who faced greats like Drona, Duryodhana, Karna, Kripa etc. He fought hard and stunned the Kaurava army inside the circle of death. But it was a matter of time before he had to die, there was no way he would win the battle single handedly. We keep praising the way he fought but finally he died in a sad manner – Dushashan’s son, hit him from behind with a mace and he fell to the ground, dead.

The problems I mentioned are like the warriors who will somehow pin you down and kill you unless you approach the formation differently. The more you fight, the more tired you will be. If you increase the frequency of arrows shot at the problems, there will be more arrows shot back at you, maybe accompanied with spears and mace blows too.

Could there have been a way out? What if Abhimanyu could manage to send a sms to Arjun’s iPhone?. Arjuna was fighting some other component of the Kaurava army but if he got the sms or mms, surely, he would have hurled a few weapons and saved his son. Maybe even used the Brahmastra. The sms sending is not important then, it is the Brahma astra or Naga astra or some other powerful weapon that could have saved Abhimanyu. Did such weapons exist? Absolutely yes, but the context of the battle was different. It was Abhimanyu vs The Obvious winners. If you have seen Magadheera, the fight scene reminds you of Abhimanyu, you know the hero has to die but find yourselves marveling at his courage and fighting spirit. Big deal, what’s the use? That’s another perspective if you are serious in extricating yourselves from the web of problems.

First, believe that there is a Brahma Astra somewhere for you. You or somebody else for you (upward or downward or sideways delegation, I mean) can hurl that at your enemies (enemies = problem sources). Unlike Brahma Astra that could only be used once, you have the power to directly or indirectly use it infinite times. The problems are like Rakthbheeja (RB) rakshasa, who got a boon that one drop of blood falling from body will transform to one Rakthabheeja. Hmm … what a cost effective cloning technique, I say! Problems are like RBs too, kill one, another comes flying at you, murder that, use another brahmastra, another problem, astra, problem, astra …. Infinite do loop will continue and you will ultimately crib that even a million brahmastras couldn’t save you. So, lets go back to original Chakravyuh problem and come out of it first. Lets say you have lots of work, got to take girlfriend out for dinner, submit report to big boss and also watch the Thursday night Steelers game. Whatever you do, you cannot be at all places at once. Here is where Lateral Thinking comes to play. If you approach the solution in a straight forward manner, you will end up solving one of the problems alone. Most probably, the boss’ report will be sent out. You will be sad, feel defeated, girlfriend will not let you near her, Steelers would play without missing your cheering. With traditional problem solving methods, hey, good luck to you. Hope your savings will take care of your funeral services, because death is inevitable. If you stand a chance, it’s only by adopting a different non-linear approach. Think of how you will solve all these yourself or with help from any and every source or resource you can leverage. Maybe you could record the game and watch it later, come back from a quick dinner and continue with your report or outsource report creation to a colleague or at least part of it – there is no one correct way, but unless you believe you CAN resolve the problems, forget about it. Your post mortem report will read, “This Abhimanyu died when Problem Money, hit his head with Financial Bankruptcy Mace” or some similar template where Money and Financial Bankruptcy are variables that can be replaced by different values.

Brahma Astra zindabad!
Lateral Thinking ki Jai!
If you are normal, more often than not, there will be one issue or another, to attack and at that time, use Lateral Thinking. Because there will be a Brahma Astra somewhere to be found. Good luck with your search capabilities. Be better than Google in searching, else drown in grief. Go figure!

p.s: Abhimanyu = Abhi + Many + u = right now, there are many yous = you can use multiple brahmastras and achieve many things at the same time if you want to by solving multiple problems at the same time.


4 thoughts on “Abhimanyu could have been saved with a Brahmastra

  1. rangada … khub bhalo lateral thinking … ping me when you figure out the search algo for the muti-tasking brahmastra … I’ll become a “page” to your “brin” …. grin grin ..

    Ranga: UD dada, aapnar compliment shuney khub bhaalo laaglo, shothhee 🙂 aamiyo search korchi, jayee paabo, aapnaakey ekta message err… brohmastro paathabo. aar shob bhaalo tho?

  2. Awesome post Ranga. What a clean link between modern management and our history of Veer Abhimanyu…

    Ranga: Thanks, buddy, bas ek tu hi hain office mein who can see our true Link!

  3. wow.. what a peelasophy jiju – nicely written!

    Ranga: Thanks, Archi. Nalla peelasophy adikkaradhu thaan sooper ensaayment – thani santhosham 🙂 and this one was truly satisfying.

  4. ROTFL…. Jr De Bono.. what else can i say !!

    Ranga: After those ads that you created, that title should rightfully go to you. De Bono kahaan main kahaan. Lateral or parallel – Bono is a big dude.

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