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Peas Pulao, French Fries and Nobel Peace Prize

Nahimani Shantaram and Durjoy Das were having an interesting conversation which, needless to say, got all the more interesting when their conversation was accompanied by regular intakes of tequila shots, that were in turn accompanied (and obviously so) by salt and lime slice suckings. Here is how the conversation went:

Das: So, did Obama really deserve the Nobel? What are the criteria for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize? Hic … I heard that even Gandhiji didn’t win it.

Shantaram: Do you really want to know what happened? My cousin Shanti, the super chef, told me the secret yesterday.
About 2-3 weekends ago, when the G 20 Summit happened here in Pittsburgh, several world leaders had come together to discuss issues of major global significance. Topics like global warming, nuclear energy usage, anti-terrorism etc were being discussed in various formats – the group discussion format, monologue format, silence is golden format and other configurations as well.
Another round of the Patron tequila made its way into the discussion. Hic …

Das: So, what happened?

Shantaram: As world leaders had assembled from so many countries, the organizers had come up with a wonderful plan. Their creative juices were put to use and it was unanimously decided to get top chefs from each country. And guess what, hic … my darling cousin, Shanti represented India.

Das: Wow!! So, what’s the scoop?

Shantaram: Simple, her specialty, Peas Pulao was served. The organizer wanted a brand for each dish. Seeing modern day kings and nobles all around, he named the Peas Pulao dish as Noble Peas Pulao. Obama liked it a lot, and even parceled some for his family. Shanti was so thrilled, hic … that she gave him the Noble Peas Prize.

Das: Chup saala! Tell me the truth, please, please. And lets have the next round for your cousin! Cheers …. Hic ….

Shantaram: Ok. What really happened was that Nahimani Shanti helped the French Chef Monsieur Ratatouille make French Fries. Her accent is such that she calls it pries, ha ha ….
A Swedish or Norwegian spy in the kitchen spoke on the phone and translated her name into English and immediately alerted the Nobel Committee that Nobell Peace Pries has been given to the American president by an Indian delegation.
Sensing the urgent need to act and move on the situation quickly, the challenge was to do something without damaging the reputation of the ancient Nobel tradition. The very next day, the Committee made the announcement. They were convinced about the strategy of blanking the early mover advantage of the Indians. Their cunning thought leadership in handling the situation was mind blowing. Thus, stands the humbled Barack Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tears … Das is crying by now, looking at the empty Patron bottle and cannot wait to share the freak relationship between Peas Pulao, Shanti Fries and the great Nobel Prize with all his friends.

I dedicate the above PJ post to my good old friend, Mr Avik Sinha for his constant encouragement and eggs, err … egging, I mean to make me write something on Obama’s Nobel Prize. Thanks, Ahic … err, Avik!


3 thoughts on “Peas Pulao, French Fries and Nobel Peace Prize

  1. A side effect of living in the Pitts, eh?

    beary vad pj rongomoshai –

    Ranga: Probably yes, living in Pitts has made PJ standard go to the pits 😉

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