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Shipping Independence and Freedom

At a high level, we know how Tsunamis are caused. Earthquake in sea causes the floor to shift its x-y coordinates. This displacement impacts the huge amount of water in the sea. Then Mr. Seawaters goes bonkers, embraces insanity and runs helter skelter, waving around tsunamically, getting way too tall for anybody’s comfort and kills mercilessly. This is a natural cause.

But I am beginning to wonder how such war ships built to travel at ‘unheard-of’ speeds will not anger Mr. Seawaters and cause mini-tsunamis. Imagine the plight of the smaller ships / vessels and not to mention the poor fish, whales or other lives in the sea when the ultra-long ship zips through the sea.

And yeah, the ships are named Independence and Freedom: Ironic, eh? Maybe, I am just over reacting!


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