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Times are changing indeed

The last few days have been challenging in Pittsburgh. There are wars, battles and street fights that I have to endure in my world. I have been going through the same eye opening experience every morning. Every day when I open my eyes, it fails to dawn on me that it is already quite a while past dawn. There is darkness outside and the birds are chilling out too. The warmer days make the birds chirp happily and it serves as a pleasant alarm ringtone. However, now that the cold days are slowly and steadily making their presence felt, the birds are flying some place else. They are waking other people up and you cannot really blame them for their intelligent moves. So here I am, experiencing what I know is Multiple Personality Disorder. One Me wants to be disciplined, wake up and rush to work. Then, there is this another Me that is busily engaged in an unending battle with the snooze button on the alarm clock. The commitment of Mr. Alarm Clock (AC) is commendable. He bellows out his war cry every morning at 615 am and gets pushed to the limits by that other Me. He is forced to let out the same cry every 5 minutes that confuses yet another Me (say Me 3). It seems as if some inconsiderate pea brained person is creating a racket in the middle of the night. It is sleeping time, for heaven’s sake!! Should I be calling 911 and complaining? Then there is yet another Me (Mr. Nice Me), that reminds me of the day’s work and earnestly appeals to me to get up, trying to make me think of how nice a cup of Masala Tea would smell like …. Mmmh.

With all these battles that are part of parcel of the morning, somehow, when I do manage to shut Mr. AC’s mouth out for the day, I see light at the end of the window, Oops, I am late again. Then, all the other personalities just mockingly disappear. There is just Me (the real one) cursing at the other Mes and moving into a higher gear to go through the getting ready process.

There has to be a better solution to all this, I prayed. A friend of mine, who was also experiencing the same fights with sleep breaking, cunningly attempted to manipulate his body clock. He decided to crash by 10 pm and was hoping to stab his other split personalities and kill them forever. But, what happened is a remarkable story of how Lethargy won over noble intentions. The body can lie in a position parallel to the ground with eyes closed for any number of hours irrespective of the starting point (i.e. sleeping time) as long as there is no pressure to greet the day, when it is actually dark outside!!

As if to answer our fervent appeals and prayers, one day, the times changed, literally. An effective timely solution was conceptualized and implemented for the benefit of one and all. It was impossible to make the sun and earth move differently for the days to get longer or the air to get warmer. Thus, abracadabra, one wave of the brain wand, and whoosh, it is not 6 am that you got to get up. You fool Mr. AC by telling him it is 6 am, but the truth is that is actually 7 am. The Daylight Savings Time Brahmastra has been hurled at the poor alarm clocks across the American nation. We get to sleep one more hour and people like me are shedding tears of joy. Tears of gratitude, as a mark of respect to the mega intelligent souls who brilliantly resolved a problem that threatened to impact basic indicators of life like productivity (!!), commitment to life, mood, joy and what not. Till the body gets used to this new routine and the other dormant Mes that have been tricked for a while, bounce back again, let us enjoy the ‘changing times’ and sleep better. Sweet dreams, folks!


2 thoughts on “Times are changing indeed

  1. U love masala tea dont u ..

    Ranga: Absolutely. Kolkata reminds me of some great masala chai roadside stalls. now, i am truly distracted

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