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Warning signs – dont neglect them

Once in a while there is this inexplicable feeling that takes over. I am not talking about positive feelings here like love but referring to feelings with negativity attached to them.

You get up not sure about whats going to hit you and knock you down – is your customer going to call you and give you a good hearing on how much your company sucks at sticking to commitments, or is your credit card going to be used by a fraudulent scamster sitting in United Kingdom, or something else? You don’t know at all but the day promises to kill you with this ominous sensation. The clock ticks along and by the time it is lunch, the butterflies flying in your stomach haven’t settled down. Lunch is consumed cautiously with you wondering if the sandwich is going to cause you heartburn or some form of food poisoning. Thankfully, that is an empty promise imagined by your overworked cerebral capabilities. The day trudges along and you go in and out of meetings. Nothing untoward happens but the feeling is not gone yet.

Finally you get home relieved that alls well that ends well.

To celebrate, you decide to reward yourself with a movie show. You go through the DVDs and decide on a random choice – Pandi, a Tamil movie with Lawrence as the hero!. The decision is purely based on running the movie by fast forwarding all the scenes except where he dances so that you can get entertained.

That Pandi was the disaster waiting to hit me and that I failed to read all the omens, the sickly feelings I had, since I got up became clear to me about 15 minutes into the movie. By that time, I was busy trying to filter sense and hunt anything positive in the movie that could be attributed to the actors or the script itself. Alas, except for a couple of songs, which make you miss Vijay (strange but true, seeing Lawrence dance makes you realize who makes Vijay dance so well) the rest of the movie is pure unadulterated load of crap.

A family with 3 sisters, 2 brothers, daughter in law and parents and throw in time pass friends, couple of comedians – that isn’t uncommon. But throw in sentiments that are introduced with the sole objective of extracting tears of all shapes and sizes from people and the result just does not work. The hero cannot act – period! He tries to be funny and that’s still acceptable from a relative perspective. But when he tries to be serious and talks to his mother or father or his friends or his sisters or even when he tries to woo the heroine, he is bad. When he cries, he is plain pathetic. The fight scenes are amateurishly shot, adding to the despair. I seriously cannot understand why the producers did not appoint an editor, why the script was written in the first place and it was also sad to see such a talented choreographer and dancer absolutely fail at acting. He is great when it comes to dancing or making others (including the Superstar Rajnikanth, as emphasized in a song too) dance to his tunes, but seriously wish that such movies are never made again, that we don’t see actors like Nasser get wasted in similar movies again and that Lawrence sticks to dance and anything else, but never acts as a hero.

Another moral of the post – learn to heed warning signs because you never know what can hit you from where.
Cannot resist adding 2 Highlights:

A. Hero is on the phone listening to traditional marriage accompanying music (getty melam) while kid sis is getting married in Uslampatti. Sister ties mangalsutra and immediately runs to fall on the cellphone’s feet. More tears, annaa …. Followed by more tears, kill the audience.

B. 3-4 years after sister’s kid is born (and mind you, the family is in touch with Pandi over phone all the while). But in between another tearful discussion, sister tearfully informs Pandi that she has named her son, Pandi, too. Aaaaaah!!!!


4 thoughts on “Warning signs – dont neglect them

  1. OMG, why did you have to remind me of that terrible catastrophe!
    But, aanaa, oonu othaikkuthu, padam semma kadi sari, but athu epdi ranga, “Sister ties mangalsutra ” – tell me, aah, aah?

    (BTW, the only reason I saw that eye/ear/heart/etc sore was to see his dance and I would have been better off watching 1 of vijay’s deja vus).

    Ranga: good point 🙂 and good to know that somebody else saw that kadi 😉

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Why did you make such a choice even in randomness?! But glad you did it.. else I’d have missed this post.. made my evening! 🙂

    Ranga: Adhu thaan Poraadha neram 😦

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