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2010 – a new year and decade

About 13 and half years ago, I had walked into a room for my first job interview. I was the undisputed King of the world, with no care for consequences. There was no thought behind how to put together the puzzle pieces of reality, dreams and timelines. Although comparing that experience to Raju Rastogi’s interview from 3 Idiots would be an exaggeration, but hey, I just did 😉 A Senior VP of a PSU had asked me where I would be in 15 years. I thought about how life would be in 2010 and replied (without batting an eyelid) that I would be in his position if I got the role that I wanted. We thought we would be living in an age with robots and gizmos by 2010. 2010 seemed so far away. We dreamt and discussed retiring by 2010 so that we could spend the rest of our lives traveling and writing books or making movies or creating new possibilities for ourselves and for the world. With age, we have started using gears, clutches and brakes to drive our vehicle called Life, within imaginary speed limits arising from ‘increased responsibility fantasy’.

Later on, we had greeted the new decade, actually, the millennium looking at the beautiful stars and the crescent shaped moon at one of the most beautiful places in the world, Auli, in the Himalayas. Although the cold was unbearable, the pristine beauty of the majestic mountains promised to make the future full of brightness and joy. Time, as usual, has ticked on and this decade has come to an end too. A mega creative idea in the 1990s was to make love on Dec 31st, 1999 at 1159 pm and carry on beyond 1200, 2000 and claim that the ‘activity’ lasted 2 millenniums. What an idea, I say!
Of course, I was left in a tent with a boyfriend and we were both straight 🙂 and the fantasy remains a good joke even today.

As 2010 has set in, emails, Facebook messages, e-cards and phone calls from friends, relatives and other professional & social networks have started to pour in. The messages carry a lot of hope, best wishes and it is that time of the year when we all pray that everything turns out to be better, as if by magic, from Jan 1st. While it does seem ridiculous that transformation can happen just by the unanimity of hope, it is wonderful to dream yet again. What are we if the dreamer and optimist in us stop functioning? So I want to dream carelessly. This time, though, my prayers are fighting a tinge of strange pessimism I have not felt before. But I continue to try to pray fearlessly. What is more, in this decade, I not only want to see a better me, but a better we.

My prayers for India:
A better state of existence would be excellent. Of course, speaking of states, I hope we don’t ever discuss fracturing any more states of India. I want prosperity and that would mean better infrastructure for our country. I want the roads to be as good as it is in the USA, or as smooth as Hema Malini’s cheeks as Lalu Prasad Yadav had once promised his people. I want no wars and I want no terrorist attacks on our land. I want the supply of justice to be faster than the demand for justice. I want India to become the greatest country in the world and I want Indians to lead by example, shed our in-fighting and hey, I want magic.
My prayers for the world:
World peace. Ahem! I never thought one day, like a beauty pageant contestant, one day, I would hope for world peace, like I do today. I want Obama and Osama to start a new era of peace. Hope has no limits, but somewhere my observation points to me that the different letters in their names B S is what the nature of my demand is – Bull Shit. But I shall demand magic.
As the Avatar effect on my simple thought process has been immense, I want God to take a cue from James Cameron and make the Earth just like Pandora. I want humans to be as gentle as the Navis and start respecting our environment. No more Copenhagen type fake summits. Cleaner air, better life for all lives – hey, am I demanding magic again?
More technology marvels for a better planet – more creative movies, ideas and mass improvements in living conditions for everybody. No hunger, no poverty, happy children and faster means of travel, better everything. Magic – abracadabra hocus focus, now come on God ….. Just Do It!
My prayers for friends, family and relatives:
May all of us stay safe, stay healthy and in this decade, never come across anybody who knows anybody else that has been directly or indirectly impacted by a disease, a terrorist attack or anything that can bring sadness. May the joy of life be so delirious that you celebrate each second as if to see how much better the next second could get?
May our organizations become market leaders and aid in the fulfillment of all the above dreams that can make our Earth better.
The Resolution:
Did we just realize that God is not a magician? It is OUR responsibility to make the magic happen and today, let us promise to do our bit to make our lives better. We owe it to our next generation and I just realized that I killed the pessimism that had surfaced earlier to question the possibility of my hope. We have a mammoth task ahead but I wish us all the strength to come out of this self-destruct mode and surge ahead on the path of progress, joy and unity. Wish us all a great 2010 and a positively challenging, rewarding and a fantastic decade. Aal izz well.


7 thoughts on “2010 – a new year and decade

  1. Though some magic needed to fulfill these but these are not very ambitious dreams..
    Wish these (at least some ) come true ..

    Ranga: Yes, Kantham. Thanks. that would be nice, isn’t it?

  2. Nice to see this on you blog ranga… I think we have even spoke about this once… 🙂

    it was also good to see “prayers” from you… 😉 just kidding… Happy new year!!!

    Ranga: Yes, we did speak, in parts. Also, the Avatar movie’s hidden messages have touched me. “Prayers” – apporam i shall gavanichify you. HNY to you too 😀

  3. like the B S logic 🙂 Wish your hopes turn to reality 2010 onwards.. Aal izz well 🙂 Happy New Year Sir.

    Ranga: Happy new year to you too Vipul. Thanks for your wishes.

  4. Dear Ranga,
    You have the ability to pen down your thoughts , & I further wish that the the things you Pen down is actually realized by way of action & implementation.
    I wish you well for this year & all the coming years ahead of us & I sincerely feel the urge to make our Alumni foundation world class. As for my personal wish , I wish this Foundation goes a long way & we should build a Knowledge Campus.

    Gaurav: Wish you well and may all your dreams come true.

  5. nice blog, ranga. though i never had an answer to ‘what ll u be in next 10 yrs’ 😦 ..and used to stare blank!! wondering how that ll help the interviewer…as ne one ll bluff and weave:-). wish u the height of happiness as u see it

    Thanks, Suren. Yeah, completely agree and even if you do think hard and come up with a reply, after 10 years, typically find yourself in some different place. thats for majority of the ppl 😉

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