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The questions, the answers and the Superhero

Some years ago, India Inc had witnessed a political game of musical chairs. Yes, that was before Atal Bihari and MM Singh occupied the coveted Prime Ministerial chair. Chandrashekar, Gujral and of course, the sleepy Hindi learning PM, Son of the Soil, Deve Gowda got to be PM for a while.

After years of losing that post, Deve Gowda’s popularity has once again gone up and he is busy training everybody in a course on abusive language usage and using the media as an effective training platform. Apparently, he lost his temper and began to use ‘not so NICE’ words about Karnataka CM, Yediyurappa. Ironically, the trigger for this outburst is a project called NICE. This clearly shows the standard of our politicians and the levels to which they can stoop. Bloody bastard and bosudi maga (son of a bitch) are the kind of words coming from a man who was our PM once upon a time. Isn’t it unbelievable? I have no answer.

Tamil Nadu witnessed a shameful incident when 2 ministers were present but didn’t do anything to help save a policeman’s life. The media is also to be blamed. While some cameraman was busy shooting the video and later another set of individuals added suspenseful background music and related the incident in a dramatized tone, he could not do anything about the dying cop. Ministers, media and the common man – how could they be no unmoved and indifferent to the sight of a man pleading for help with one leg severed? I have no answer.

The Telengana movement has gathered more momentum and it is now in the hands of the students, it seems. Reliance offices are being targeted due to unconfirmed reports of Ambani Brothers’ involvement in YSR’s fatal accident. What the hell is happening? Again, I have no answer.

Nowadays, the Chief Ministers of various states have been making cool presentations to NRIs asking them to invest in Gujarat, Bihar, Delhi, J&K, Maharashtra etc. But can we have any expectations from the politicians? I have an answer and unfortunately, it is a big NO.

Dream on. Maybe someday our Superhero will arrive in 2010.


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