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IPL 2010 – Part 1

With all the hype and hoopla that is building up around the IPL, and the current political scenarios that are affecting the different geographical and mental states in this country, here is a look at some strategies that IPL teams could adopt for better adaption and evolution.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK):

N Srinivasan, the owner of CSK, is also the secretary of BCCI. He is well known for his ability to cement strong relationships by virtue of being a super king at India Cements. According to inside out shots of information, Lalit Modi and N Srinivasan are not fond of each other. In order to address such issues and proactively address the concern of not having a Tamil name for the franchise, nameology expert Thiru. Perazhagaswamy proposes the new name ‘Modhi Vilayaadu’ for this club. Several advantages have been identified:
A cricket based motivational song is already in place for this new brand. The video shows popular singers – Deva, Hariharan and Les Lewis (Colonial Cousins fame) and that should do the trick of appealing to fans across the globe too.
N Srinivasan is sporting a mile wide smile, as he can now directly and yet indirectly declare war on Lalit Modi by having a wonderful name like ‘Modhi Vilayaadu’, which roughly means ‘Clash and Play’ in Tamil. It could also be interpreted as an invitation for a duel to Modi – ‘Hey, Modi, come and play’ or better still, ‘Hey Modi, himmat hain to idhar aa aur khel’ type war cry! The cunning usage of the extremely adaptable word, ‘Modhi’ is seen by many as a masterstroke.

As a side effect, the producer of the original movie is also planning to relaunch the movie with a scene showing the team members dancing with Kajal Agarwal while the hero bowls a yorker to uproot the stumps of an unsuspecting boy at the end of the music video. See this song to understand the strategic implications, for yourself.

Mumbai Indians

Be it movies or cricket, the Thackerays are not going to sit and watch with popcorn and soda. (I did try to google and find out the Marathi translation for popcorn, but got confused and gave up). So, here are a few suggestions for this team that has Bravo in their team, but haven’t done anything to warrant a bravo from any fan.
Change name to Mumbai Meri Jaan.

The advantage is the phonetic flexibility that is intrinsic to this Indian name. Imagine how the foreign players will feel so nice when they hear ‘Mumbai Mary John’ as a team name.

All non-Mumbai players to travel by Mumbai local only. Adequate security will be provided by the ‘shared power ‘ team of Sharad Pawar and Lalit Modi. This is now a proven technique demonstrated by none other than Rahul Gandhi.

Also heard:
Bhajji to undergo special coaching to focus on enhancing his slapping skills. Praveen Amre, deputy coach, is creating a crash course for teaching Marathi to the team.
With Reliance Industries (owner of this franchise) mulling over the possibility of moving their HQ to Gujarat, it is also possible that Mumbai Meri Jaan might become a Gujarat based club. The ‘Modis Operandi’ of the move will be interesting to observe as the game goes on. The other Modi is reported to be already pitching for FDI investments to renovate the Ahmedabad Cricket Stadium.

Other team reports shall be shared shortly. Already Jilpa Jetty is making waves with her batting skills. Mega – branding initiatives, political intrusions like Andhra Sports Minister’s statements, SRK’s My Name Is Khan and discussions on where would Mumbai-Kolkata IPL match be held? How could SRK not be a traitor as far as Mumbai is concerned, after all, he is supporting Kolkata, (a team that he owns is a different matter) – all this is such spicy gossip masala, who really cares whether India loses again to South Africa in the second test?


2 thoughts on “IPL 2010 – Part 1

  1. Jilpa jetty!!! Lol… 🙂 that’s really funny… Your points about thakerays is so true.. I was looking forward to see this post for sometime… Welcome back!!!
    Ranga: The jilpa jetty reference is not my original thought, though.
    thanks, the more research i am doing on other teams, there is soo much to feel sad about. influence of politics, power, movies etc etc – IPL sure has triggered off a different game altogether.

  2. the name change suggested for csk is thoughtful. what was once a gentleman game has acquired enormous power and wealth thanks to Modi. Can He come out with a similar trick for the ailing Hockey?


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