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Peter Nithyanandam

A flight at 6 am meant that the day had to start at 4 am. An adamant to arrive deep slumber finally decided to accompany melody king Snore only around 1 am. It sure promised to be an ultra high liquid diet day, full of several cups of tea and lots of water. Cold water censors the eye lashes and prevents them from indulging in longer than acceptable periods of interlocking arrangement or very simply put, fights sleep with efficiency levels that can compete with Tendulkar. Ok, I am going a little overboard! However, the day started off rather well. Firstly, a seat on what they call the exit row that guaranteed more room for the ‘ready to get tired any minute now’ legs. Secondly, the gentlemen pair of uncle and nephew Iyers in the front seats who engaged in a lively discussion – providing me with the partial garam masala for this post.
The discussion was on Swami Nithyananda. Uncle Iyer broke down the name and explained that Nithya Ananda(m) meant Always Fun. So it was not surprising to see the Godman indulge in some fun. The nephew Iyer refused to see why the popular tape doing the rounds on most TV channels was such a bad thing in the first place. He argued that while it is acceptable for a particular god to live life as a human and have many wives, why was it so improper for a mortal to enjoy consensual fun with a woman. They discussed the comments from some of the Swami’s disciples. “We thought he was God, but now he has failed us.” “The Swamiji was seen with Narendra Modi, oh my God!” “His ashram was built on government land – land scam, land scam! that can put Gowda to shame, I say!!” Fraud godmen thrive due to the presence of people who seem to be ever ready to embrace them into their lives. How could so many women be conned by a sanyasi? Can a true Godman exist? How come these high profile swamijis have connections to politicians and cinema stars, just like they show their consortium in some masala formula movies? Even Vishwamitra was distracted by the beauty of Menaka, so why blame Nithyananda? But why did he preach the virtues of celibacy when he did not believe in it? Whatever the case, the dude is missing. So, in a few days, once the public attention gets diverted to some other person or event, all will be forgotten. He could be the model for a Gillette Mach 3 or Fusion blade ad, did you see how clean shaven he is? In future, Nithyananda will re-emerge as some other sadhu sporting a big beard and we won’t be able to recognize him and he may not get caught at all. Lenin – what a name for the disciple who taped and exposed the Godman?
As I glanced around, most people were reading the same news in different newspapers and had at least one ear glued to the discussion, just like me.
Obviously this post has no message but a long gap between posts is not a good thing, hence this purely semi non-fictional piece of writing to add to the infinite amount of content on the Net.
By the way, here is an incident that somebody found very extremely funny but irritated me. I was stopped by a cop for jumping a red light. It had just turned red and I kept pleading with the cop that I had no choice. Negotiations that ensued are out of scope for this post, but the ‘funny’ aspect was something else. I was listening to Chennai Live 104.8 and Rag Doll by Aerosmith was playing at that ragu kaalam moment for me. Excited and nostalgic, I had earlier turned the volume up a bit, enough to make the cop’s eardrum perform simple harmonic motion when I lowered the window. His immediate expression was, “Aah, Peeter..rrrrru.” [Peter is the slang for Inglish in Chennai 😦 ] The smile on his triumphant face was like a hungry lion who just found a juicy deer transform into a full meals plate right in front of him – dear poor me! Peterrru and Aerosmith sure made me pay more – Bah!!


2 thoughts on “Peter Nithyanandam

  1. ” Cold water censors the eye lashes and prevents them from indulging in longer than acceptable periods of interlocking arrangement or very simply put, fights sleep with efficiency levels that can compete with Tendulkar.”
    Hilarious line jiju!!! The Nithyananda thing is Never thought what Nithyananda meant, until you pointed it out.. for sure, it can’t be his mistake when his name commands him to do so.. “names have power”! (which movie is that? Percy Jackson)

  2. Hey,

    This is why you need to play dapaan koothu while you drive. Ennapaa aerosmith ellam thevaya … Peterrrrrru

    Ranga: You are absolutely right! 😦 Lesson learnt and from now on only dapaan koothu. if englipis song, then very very low volume 😉

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