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Booking the flight

We were meeting after a very long time. It was strange to meet Akash after such a gap but meeting anybody with whom I could speak for a while was not such a bad idea at all. The Delhi airport was beginning to get on my nerves. Just yesterday the newspapers had so proudly boasted about the modern amenities, the grace and how it was at par or even better than some of the best airports across the world. I found the place ok but the lady at the mike was suffering from verbal diarrhoea. Ting … This flight is delayed and we are sorry for the inconvenience … Ting … please proceed for boarding at gate number 9 …. Ting …. Due to delay of incoming flight …. Rewind, replay, copy, paste …. How I wished I was at some place else then!
So, there I start off again. How I love to crib! I was talking about Akash, my old friend from school. I hadn’t particularly liked him back then because he had genetically acquired a white complexion and red lips from his rather stunningly beautiful Kashmiri mother. His colour made me give up the race to woo Radhika midway and for a long time, we hadn’t connected due to this basic complexity that had given rise to many a complex. I could calculate Math faster and even I ended up making silly errors in calculations, I could outpace him by a big margin. He was no match, when it came to my genetically acquired calculating capabilities: a trait that seemed to be part of the chromosomal patterns that my forefathers had stolen from the Gods. Yeah, I am a Tam Brahm and for a long time, I believed that my core competence was to try hard and calculate faster than a calculator, especially when it involved adding up two randomly chosen 2 digit numbers. Those were the days, and here I was now, waiting at Delhi airport and helplessly subjecting my ears to some harsh treatment by an unknown lady. What had all these people done to her? Why was her voice so croaky and irritating and if her voice was like that, why was she there? Wasn’t an announcer supposed to have a dulcet voice? Maybe she had some inexplicable relationship with some sadistic senior at the airport authority or whoever! Who cared? Ohh no ….. I did!! It was my ears that bore the brunt of this high decibel third degree torture.
So, obviously, I was really happy to recognize Akash. He had put on a lot of weight. It was obvious that there more disloyal hairs on his head than the loyal ones who had continued to stay on at their crowning residence. Strangely enough, he too seemed happy to see me. There was no hatred, just a genuine feeling of mild warmth and ultra mild happiness. After the pleasantries were exchanged, Akash asked me a few questions just to check if my progress in life was along the lines of what I had confessed many years ago to Radhika. The lady was consistent at leaking secrets out.
So, are you a musician? Did you buy your chopper? Did you write your book? The questions followed and we had a good laugh over the whole episode.
The lady’s voice every now and then made it difficult to talk and listen but this time, she announced that Akash’ flight was about to leave in 5 minutes. He left and I was once again left to typing this on my laptop and it all began to slowly sink in. I was not a musician and had even forgotten to strum the guitar long ago. I went on to study in the US and kept studying for a long time on a subject that had no musical connection. The only tune was that of my merciless professors who made me work hard and harder. As I started wondering, I was convinced that even now, I could beat Akash at Math! Chopper, golf … astrophysics … book … none of my childhood dreams were fulfilled. But I knew that I was not a loser. However, I made up my mind that this piece of scribbled notes that constitute this post would be the introduction to my book.
What a start to my book! While I typed furiously and began dreaming about what royalty I would get from the publisher, I did something really stupid. I didn’t hear the lady’s announcements and yes, missed my flight! While what followed was not pleasant, I called this incident as “Booking the flight’. Only I and now, you know that this phrase has begun to have a new meaning in my dictionary.


2 thoughts on “Booking the flight

  1. Veri thanam thalai!! wow what a start to d book, i say! way to go! waiting for more flight booking nd missing episodes from you.. or even better! Bravo! 😀

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