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Writer’s block and Sura

There is just nothing to write about. Really! Nothing seems to be happening in my world. It’s the same old traffic, Powerpoint slides and Word documents. Food, drive, sleep, coffee, drive, office … it’s all so boring.

I was a movie buff but after watching Sura, I am too scared to even venture near a movie theatre. Such was the traumatic experience! So, there is not even a movie review to type although I have been trying for about 3 weeks now. I realize that I have been severely hit by writer’s block. No creativity is left in my thought process: the so called creative juices have totally evaporated. Thoughts are frustratingly blank.

I consulted a few journalists and writer friends. To overcome writer’s block, I was told that I don’t have to think much. Just write what I experienced. That’s all. Was it so difficult to articulate in words what I had undergone? Why was it such a challenging exercise to push my lazy brain to generate some words out on the screen that you and I see here?

But I am glad. At least, I am ready with Step 1. I am certainly on my way to become a writer – otherwise, how could I have writer’s block in the first place? Yippee ….. Thanks Sura! If I had not wondered how to write the review of this movie, there was no way I could have hit upon this realization.

Vijay, Tamannah and Vadivelu act in this movie along with a full time villain who does a part time Union Minister’s job. Lots of innocent villagers live along the sandy sea shore. They worship Vijay and often refer to him as Sura the Tsunami, I think. Tamannah is a rich girl who decides to drown in the Bay of Bengal because her dog escapes into the wild wild western ghats. Our versatile genius of a hero is an ace swimmer. He saves her near Jaffna!! Songs, some fights, villain versus hero and throughout there is only one man who keeps winning. That man is the same man that we saw in movies before, sometimes Villu, Vettaikaaran, ATM but by far, this Vijay is at his worst. With due respects (and I really mean it ;-)) the producer could have made a much cheaper movie with Vijay’s half baked clone – his cousin! The Tollywood hush hush psst psst circles call them Clonolial Cousins, did you know?
Coming back to the review: Flying saucers, UFOs, Gods and Goddesses, Tarantino’s gore, animation and gay marriage wisdom: these were some of the random thoughts that were missing from this movie – otherwise it was all there. Songs – tick, Vijay dances – tick, rape scene – probably there, don’t remember, Mom sentiment – triple tick, Phoenix (hero rising from ashes) – quadruple tick.

Vadivelu was quite funny and then there was ….. sorry, I am slipping into another bout of writer’s block …. Sura, err …. Yeah, the popcorn was nice and so was the Coke. Nice drink, actually, especially when served with lots of ice. After 2 and half hours, villain dies, and there is a happy ending, must have been like that only, what else could be the ending?

With Sun TV as producers, even before its release, Sura was declared a blockbuster. But for me, it is not even a writer’s block buster.
%$#@&$#@%!^! = Foul unprintable language dedicated to Sura.
Before, I sign out, let me share an outstanding punch dialogue. A loose translation of the Punch Dialogue:

“Before buying one Sura ticket, you must think not once but 100 times what you are about to do,
Because, if you watch Sura, you will not be able to think again, not at least for the next 3 hours”

The movie over-delivers on that punch dialogue – not for 3 but for the next 300 hours.


7 thoughts on “Writer’s block and Sura

  1. I usually keep myself quite far from Vijay’s movies. On a side note, watch kola kolaya mundrika, it might be slightly on the low IQ level, but it brings back the silly in one. almost vintage crazy mohan. almost.

    And where did you watch it? Not that I would have bothered 😉

  2. hey ranga.. jus reading ur blog after a looong time.. thought u r busy with ur work @ chennai but your blog menitons otherwise 😉 neways aap ka contact num kya hai?

    @ Sirisha: Actually, I have never been busier and thoroughly enjoying my work too. shall send my number by email. sorry for the delayed / zero responses.

  3. @Munimma: Ah, i am at chennai now, shifted from good old pittsburgh, and missing the great summer weather there. i heard a lot abt kola kolaya mundrika, yet to catch it, did u know the director worked as an intern in pirates of the carribean team?

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