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Shrek Forever After – a review

I promised myself to post the review within 24 hours of watching Shrek – Forever After. The idea was brilliant – no, not the review writing idea, but the whole build up to Shrek 4. We successfully implemented the surprise planned for my daughter. She thought we were going out for a quick drive but Shrek was a surprise gift to end her summer vacation. Now let’s jump into the movie.

Reality 1: Seen through (Martian Man) Mr. Shrek’s eyes: What the hell am I doing? I am a useless ogre. A show piece, nobody is afraid of me, I don’t scare people anymore, I am like a domesticated circus lion married to the ring master with 3 naughty kids, with a donkey as a best friend who has 3 naughtier kids. Rewind …. Replay. That was midlife crisis. Sigh!
Reality 2: Seen through (Venusian Woman) Mrs. Fiona Shrek’s eyes: Shrek is the luckiest man on this planet. He has a wife who loves him so dearly, wonderful kids, friends who adore him and the only person who doesn’t understand that is Shrek!
Flash point event: Triplets’ birthday party. Irritants: Cake, Cake cutting, crowd, demand for Ogre roar. Effect: Shrek tired, angry and over the top. Subsequent effect: Fight with Fiona and a long lonely walk.

Villain boy magician Rumpelstiltskin (great character played very well) who is ever ready with a con deal gets Shrek drunk and gets him to sign on the dotted line. Shrek gives one day of his life to Rumpel. Conman steals the day Shrek was born and thus starts a parallel universe. Remember, it was Shrek who saved Fiona from the dragon? But Shrek doesn’t exist in the new scheme of things. So Fiona had saved herself in the other world. Shrek does meet Donkey, Fiona and Puss but they don’t know who he is. He is common to both worlds but they are different although they are the same, you see. A small digression: They made Puss so fat in this movie, he could have been nicknamed the new yesteryear James Bond girl, Pussy Galore.
Fiona is the leader of a group of ogres. Shrek is actually the smallest of them all. Witches of Rumpel are busy looking for Shrek. Ogre revolution is going on where they are fighting king Rumpel and his army of witches. Pied Piper walks in and makes everybody dance to his tunes – rats, witches and ogres.

The concepts are nothing new but the 3D effects and pace of the movie doesn’t bore you. I missed Imax 3D sorely here. I also noticed that although kids in the hall will keep questioning the story, but soon they will only see what’s happening and forget about the plot.

Time is running out fast and as per the exit clause, only True Love’s kiss can liberate Shrek. Happy ending, as expected, happens followed by a return to original universe, i.e. back to cake cutting party. Shrek now agrees with Venusian views. But hey, did I miss something?? In reality, yes! that’s the after taste – that something was indeed missing. ‘The End’ happened a bit too soon and how I wish some more action scenes were added, especially in the climax. It was like a T20 innings where wickets are conserved for the final assault, but the last 6-8 overs only see a few singles, some wickets tumble and the batting side ends up with a 120-130 odd score.
A certainly watch able but not a must watch movie!

Also, this was a movie meant to be for kids, right? But the plot!! How could I explain what was going on to my kid?

At the end of the movie, her verdict was – “We had so much fun, appa!”
Now, that’s what made the Shrek trip worth it for us.


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