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Hate at First Sight

A lot has been discussed about love at first sight. But if we look at the other end of the spectrum, there is hate at first sight too. There are a few examples I can share and I would surely love to hear and read more.

Story number 1:

Like with many things in life, there is a mad rush at the eleventh hour. This time, the challenge is to get rid of household items and leave the US. There are only 2 days It is at this point in time that you realize how small things that you have bought for the sake of buying have added up pain you while you shift homes or worse, move back to India.
With necessary PR work out of the way, several people began to call or come to take a look at the items up for sale – TV, chairs, sofa, kitchen items, toys – everything. One tall man walked in, wearing a Greenbay Packers jacket. Anything other than Steelers was not welcome but this wasn’t why hate set in. The jacket only added to the detestation. Here is how our conversation went on:
Man: So why are you selling everything?
Me: Going back to India.
Gorilla: Oh. That’s so sad.
I: Why sad?
Monkey: Going back to India (making a strange face) – now how can that not be sad?
That was it!!!
Me: Thanks, I don’t want to sell anything to you.

Mongoose realizes his presence is turning me red with anger. The bandicoot looks at some child proofing articles, electric plugs, I think.
The rat: “You shouldn’t worry so much about kids, otherwise, they will become scared of everything later”
Myself: “Can you please get out?”
Swine: “Oh, so I am making you angry?”
Mr. Iyengar: “Anybody who thinks going back to India is a sad thing is indeed irritating and I request you to leave please”.
$#%@^@& Mosquito: “Sure, ….” Stands there for 2-3 minutes and slowly trudges off.

If only he was not a 6’4″ cockroach, I would have thrown him out.

Hate at first sight of the highest order!

Story number 2 onwards – will post some other time.


2 thoughts on “Hate at First Sight

  1. According to some research ‘love’ and ‘hate’ functions are processed by the same part of the brain. That is the reason why we have so many love-hate relations.

    Tanuja: Appidiyaa? Hmm … romba gyaani aayitta nee 🙂

  2. ROTFL….. how i hate such species who think India is not the place to be in…. U know why i came back running from London.. dont you? lol..

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