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I dont Hate Luv Storys

Note that this is a completely random fiction on first love. More a letter to my school friends with whom I had spent glorious years until 20 years ago … So, here it goes:

The lips had met. Met the flowing water that rushed out from the tap to fill her sweet mouth. She stood there, the ugly posture making her look like a crane, almost. Hands pressing the tap button, back bent forward, face slanted and it seemed that the cold water from the tap was only thrilled to shower her lips. In the backdrop of the hot humid day, the water began to taste sweeter and I kept drinking right next to her, my eye lids not even stopping to blink. I had discovered cloud nine right there, on a small piece of land in Sarat Bose Road. She began to wipe her red lips and walk away. My eyes followed her and the water flowed right into my nostrils, making me cry and cough badly: I felt half blind, half dead and immediately, it was over. The feeling of a free fall return to earth from stratospheric heights was rude. But what made the experience extremely embarrassing was that Ms. Indrani stood there and looked at me. She had been observing me for a while and I felt I had committed a crime. I felt that I had betrayed the trust that the whole of mankind had in me. I wasn’t supposed to admire, let alone rush, propose or even confess my feelings to the lady. With this feeling of guilt, began my love story. What I felt were definitely the seeds of the seeds of first love. But I had too many things to do in those days, there was arithmetic, Kabir ka Doha, Premchand’s story, history and geography classes along with science and language. Years later, I realized I never knew what happened to that feeling, for every time I fell in love again, the feeling was always different, never as pure as the one that just made me stand there and didn’t allow me to move. I would be transported to another world, a world that only I knew existed within the same school premises that we all were part of. The water taps and the round water tank – how I wish I could be there some time to quench my thrist and see if I could find that feeling once again: pure love. For now if I see a boy of the same age – in class 5, would I not kick him for being such a stupid loser and romantic in class 5?!!! And I too have gone from old to older. But the boy is somewhere running around and regretting that he didnt freeze those moments. There he is, running around and playing in the classroom during the tiffin break and I watch him. When did I lose most of my teeth, most of my hair, and most of my eye sight? I came to meet that kid and am so glad that he is till there. Part of him returns to me and I am happy enough to undertake the journey to heaven.
And take a rebirth,
But this afterlife, I know I wont keep quiet, I will win her.
But will you all be there to help? Please be ….

P.S: This post is dedicated to my friends from school, especially 2 couples, who actually took matters seriously and got / getting married to each other.


One thought on “I dont Hate Luv Storys

  1. Oh My God !! What a piece !! So far the best u have written.. Abstract yet concrete.. Superb !!
    Any yeah truly a fiction ??? I doubt 😉

    Ranga: Yes, it is pure unadulterated fiction inspired by experience, dreams, movies, poetry and all the other masalas needed to cook a story up. thanks … ha ha!

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