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Drawing inspiration to give up Drawing

How I wish I could draw what I distinctly see in my mind? It is amazing to experience and be the only person to witness my complete lack of hand eye coordination. In an attempt to draw cartoons, my greater than obvious lack of talent in this area amuses me.

This Diwali, I had no choice but to indulge in some sweets from Sree Krishna Sweets and Adyar Ananda Bhawan (A2B, as they call themselves after a brand management exercise!)
I have always managed to stay away from South Indian sweets due to the excessive amounts of ghee in them. But this year, the story was different – I am now in Chennai and the experience of Diwali cannot be complete without eating traditional sweets and savouries, in true Dravidian style.

The sweets were tasty enough, but every bite reminded me of the loads of ghee that had gone into their creation. I imagined a huge dairy farm with thousands of cows working in shifts to ensure a steady flow of milk throughout the day. The whole supply chain: cows getting milked, milk processing to produce ghee, followed by logistics to load ghee in trucks to reach the likes of A2B was dancing in front of my eyes. I wanted to immediately draw a cartoon with a new concept:

Everybody’s blood group has now changed to G +ve, where G obviously stands for Ghee.

Picture a blood donation scene: a recipient and a donor (yeah it is that simple). Needles, tubes, blood – it is all so clearly visible to me in my head. To make things easier, I am even imagining Amar, Akbar, Anthony blood donation sequence in my head.
Going back to the original concept, there is a man lying on the bed. At the donor end, remove the man. Replace man with a big box of sweets from A2B or Sree Krishna.
Now replace the pouch (blood pouch) in between the man and sweet box with pure desi Ghee pouch!

I tried to draw this seemingly simple cartoon – tried to close my eyes and trace the drawing by looking at it in my head; tried to draw the individual elements like sweet box, ghee pouch, man in bed with the transfusion enabling tube, needle. The embarrassing results made me just give up after looking at what I could manage, in the name of a cartoon.

Moral: Some things are just not for you. When you suck so badly at something, it is better to gracefully exit than keep believing the popular statement – Never, never give up!
Another Asterix the Gaul inspired realization:
Cacophonix the Bard: Singing = Myself: Drawing


3 thoughts on “Drawing inspiration to give up Drawing

  1. Awesome post.. 🙂 Like the G+ve and AAA blood donation scene..
    BTW, also a great ending moral makes me keep coming to your blog.. 🙂

    Ranga: Thanks, Vipul 🙂 Also, please send me your contact number when free (no hurry) ….

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