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An appeal for help (from Baskar, a friend)

Below is the sad current state of an acquaintance, Baskar and I am posting this mail from him on my blog hoping that some of the readers do help this friend in need:

“My mother fell from a moving bus on 8th Dec 2010. She suffered severe head injuries and was admitted to Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Teynampet, Chennai. Thankfully, the doctors have said that she will survive but to regain normalcy it might take 12-18 months time.

The expenses have crossed Rs. 5.5 lakhs till now and I expect her to be in the hospital for 7-10 days more. After bringing her home there is a need for constant nursing care as well as medicines for the rest of the time. I could manage the expenses through some of my friends, relatives and company insurance till now.

But I expect another Rs. 2 lakhs to be spent for her in Hospital and as post discharge expenses for which I am running short of funds. It would be great if you and some of your friends give me a helping hand in saving my mother. Thanks for your help in advance.

For your information, Please find below my account details.

Name: Baskar Chandran
Account number: 07951610020798
Bank: HDFC Bank
IFSC Code: HDFC0000795

Kind Regards
Baskar Chandran

Please reach out to him for any clarifications and do see what you can do to help. Even small contributions can go a long way in making Baskar’s family happy.


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