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Random thoughts, for example, 13/7 = 1.857143…

It has been such a long time since my last post that I decided to scribble something now, without caring about the randomness of this post.
Instead of the usual writer’s block that most writers complain of, for me, it’s probably the reverse that holds true. I have writer’s block most of the time, and once in a while, manage writer’s unblock. The time interval between two phases of writer’s unblock follows no straightforward algorithm. With time and introspection, I am certain that a major contributor for this phenomenon is lethargy. So, hey, what is my blood group? Answer: It is A+ and L++. [Where L++ is double dose of Lethargy cells in the system] Between the last post and now, what has changed is the acceptance level of the existence of these L++ cells in my system. That realization makes me so much more at peace with myself than trying to fight the demons, trying to prove to myself and others that I am This when I am actually not, that I am not bothered by what others think of me and in reality, I am just a real lazy bum. Again, a random spiralling string of thoughts in my head, but moral of the story: Admit what and who you are and don’t try too hard to become somebody else.
In the name of buying peace with oneself, therefore, it makes so much sense to get lazier and stop trying to do what you really don’t want to do. In my opinion, that will release locked up tensions, liberate the world of unwanted negative energies and might even make our planet a better place to live. Using this same logic, therefore, I sincerely plead with people like our dear Prime Minister to please stop condemning attacks such as the 13/7 attack on Mumbai. Every time there is an attack, we get to hear a lot of condemning from our babus!
It seems like we start getting uncomfortable during the silence between two attacks and the sheer inevitability of hearing the next deafening explosion at an Indian city, mostly Mumbai, is ….. I have no word or sentence to describe this feeling.
By now, we have no doubt that Mumbaikars are resilient and we are used to their superlative inner strengths. It is not at all surprising that they can rebound from attacks and resume normal lives immediately after such attacks. Talking about or praising this attribute is becoming boring. Of course, there are some families that will get busy with funerals or if they are luckier, will be occupied with to and fro trips to hospitals and / or temples (or churches and mosques!)
The war on terror is binary and if we harbour any serious intentions to win, we cannot continue with the infrastructure that we currently have to combat this menace. To protect Mumbai, it was probably a welcome move to purchase high speed boats and man the coastline. But not using them because they will consume 100 litres of petrol per hour, and therefore, depending on fishermen’s boats, if the need arises, as Plan A, is at best a very cruel joke! By inference, we can therefore say that we don’t have funds or intent to allocate budgets for such categories. Interesting, therefore, that we justify our long term strategy of playing a significant role in making Afghanistan stand on its own legs! India has already spent a small sum of $1.5 billion and is all too eager to spend another $500 million towards this cause. Simple math will quantify the amount of petrol that this modest sum of money can buy.
Meanwhile, let us hope that at least, the next time, politicians like Digvijay and Rahul or BJP, NCP … stop making irresponsible statements …. Most importantly, stop using these opportunities to trade charges and get political mileage out of these events. On my part, I will trust my lethargy to control my urge to digress and post something equally meaningless on this topic.


3 thoughts on “Random thoughts, for example, 13/7 = 1.857143…

    1. Ah, Chittappa, you are just being nice.
      By the way, liked your blog’s opening page and am looking forward to your posts. Why don’t you start with the ones that were published in the newspapers?

  1. Hey jij, just read this post .. ok this is tardiness to the extreme, but I do have my share of L+ cells!
    Loved the transition from self-realisation to the criticism of our political scenario. I hate the ‘Mumbai resilience’ term too! I mean come on… isn’t anyone tired of praising an inherent quality in very human? I am sure Delhities are the next best resilient group now that they have had their own personalised blast.

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