Iyengars of the Incredibles kind: A short story

This is a slightly modified short story contest I participated in but didn’t win anything … posting anyway and so glad that with this, I have now hit a 100 posts on my blog!!

“A beautiful day and I was enjoying my stroll in the park with the breeze. I heard someone calling me and when I turned back ……” Complete in 500 words.

Here goes:

A beautiful day and I was enjoying my stroll in the park with the breeze. I heard someone calling me and when I turned back..

It was Aarthi, my soul mate with whom I had gone to school 2978 years ago. We had got separated at a Kumbh Mela 658 years ago.

We were both six year olds then and the evil rakshasha, Rakthasura, in the disguise of a sage, had given us laddus. Who would have imagined that we would have been the guinea pigs of a wicked asura experiment? The rakshashas had planted an embedded device in the laddu that dissolved in our blood stream and given us immortality.

My friend and I never realized this until we graduated from the University of Nalanda where we had met King Harsha and Hueng Tsang over chai and samosa. Unfortunately, we had to keep shifting from one place to another to avoid letting our secret out in the open. Today, the rakshashas have shifted to the Afghan mountains and are busy indulging in various terrorist activities. But they want to track us down and we keep escaping from them. The hide and seek game has cost us our togetherness. I am so happy that I once again found my friend, philosopher, guide and everything that she is, after such a long gap. Just to consider the last 15 years, I have acquired IT skills and have been moving from one geographical location to the other. From Syntel at Pittsburgh, I am now with HCL at Chennai, and I wonder what she had been up to all these years. Of course, being unique, we were destined to be simultaneously alone and together and had grown to become a superpower couple and yet remained powerless to the public eye. I am happy I have found my soul mate back, at last.

We went and sat on a bench, tears of joy, flowing uncontrollably from our eyes. She too had been running around, and searching for me. My name and looks have changed over the centuries from Raja Raja Chola to Parashuraman to Gandhi to Richards to Imran to what not. So many avatars: obviously, we couldn’t even google and find each other.

We kept talking about the battles, natural disasters, technological innovations and all the changes that we have witnessed over the years, places we had been flying to at nights, when nobody could see us, our respective invisible magic carpet journeys and it was evident that it needed many more years to catch up on all the lost time.

While we were lost in our own little world, we saw 2 asuras and hid ourselves, completely shaken up and threatened by their presence. They seemed young and we edged closer to overhear their discussion. They talked about the next cricket match and the amount of money Company D-Asura was transferring to bet on Sachin and Bravo. After all, even the asuras are tired of waiting for the hundredth century from the little master. And here we were, wondering what to do, when we saw the face of one of the asuras. He was the one who had planted a bomb at Bangalore stadium a few seasons ago before an IPL match. Aarthi and I flew and hurled the asuras towards the police van about eight kilometres away, that we could see with our superpower lenses. As always, we quietly disappeared and now hope to live happily ever after.

A few years later …
Aarthi handed Nikita to me while she went to put Rishita to sleep … Yes, we live here as the Iyengars, the modern day Incredibles!


2 thoughts on “Iyengars of the Incredibles kind: A short story

  1. Interesting , especially if we extrapolate it and imagine what superpowers Rishi and Niki will be endowed with. 😉

    Ranga: Hopefully we’ll find out soon … As of now, I only see mischief in them 🙂

  2. In 607 words (not 500) a wonderful creative imagination, giving true meaning to the word ‘literature’.. a class of its own..keep writing at least a page daily…

    Rangarajan: Thanks, Chittaps. The original one had 500 words exactly, I modified the original version 🙂 even by your standards the compliment is tooo much, i am blushing and going maroon now!

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