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Haven’t been able to devote time to write in detail about a loose analogy, going on in my mind since I read about the so called IPL controversies and the IIT JEE results (and also the IIT entrance exam discussions).

If we were to consider the aspirations of the many cricket players across the width and breadth of our vast country, the BIG dream is to represent India at one or more of the 3 formats of the great game. Consider that That could be defined as the ultimate success.

Similarly, if we look at the lakhs of students appearing for IIT JEE, so many of them want to get into an IIT and THEN, make it BIG in life. [inappropriate that many people think it is an automatic transition from a good college to a Success in corporate life … but a deeper analysis will digress this post]

Each IIT is like an IPL club and when a student gets admitted and walks into the hostel gates, several things happen. He walks out from his home and can chose what to do or not do with his new found freedom. Choices are in front of the student and similar is the case of the local IPL players …. the glitz, glamour, parties and money. The so called bad elements like the match fixers, exist in every realm of life and there is no point blaming the IITs or BCCI alone for the ‘off field’ controversies.

The ecosystem needs to be nurtured in a manner such that students or players enjoy the journey and do not lose focus on the end state, a possible state or form or dimension of success. A state of success could vary from individual to individual and there will always be temptations galore to distract. How we enable the students / players to handle these situations with maturity will determine the future …. but again, to blame BCCI or the IITs and call for a ban on IPL is just nonsense.

Hmm …. when I looked at the JEE results’ announcement this year, couldn’t believe that it is exactly 20 years since my entry to IIT KGP was made official. The scrapping of IIT JEE or making board results count is just not making sense to me … but that is just my opinion.

Will try to expand the thoughts but in the meanwhile, feel free to make your own interpretations 🙂


2 thoughts on “IPL and IIT

  1. Super analogy Ranga… I actually thought people wud welcome the idea of counting board marks too… Am surprised that you disagree. Perhaps 50% weight may be too much. But giving some weight might be ok.

    ranga: no gokul. 0 % weightage is my stance. jee prep shapes lives and the exam is a real test of basics and its application. board exams and making them uniform is not needed … read chetan bhagat’s post in TOI yesterday … he has explained v well whatever i can say.

    1. Engayo peita saar…Nice start…

      I am confused myself with the whole IIT JEE allocation of 12th grade marks. It just doesn’t make sense. Also they have mucked around with the format…too many questions, multiple choice…What made IIT unique was only the best made it…1600 per batch..4 times in 20yrs….Some of it has to do with economics, funding, paying the profs etc. but seems like an easier choice made rather keep up with the standards…

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