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Annual shutdown, random nonsense, Geographic discovery and all that …

As the year-end approaches in about 2 months, the other yearly event accompanying it is the Great Annual Power Down. It roughly means that companies, especially the IT companies shut the lights, fans, ACs, computers and printers down to save electricity. Customers go on holidays and have no work for the consultants to whom they outsource work. So, they don’t want to pay these resources ideally, and why should they, right? Now, if resources are not going to fetch dollar revenues, why should companies keep their offices open? So, they shut down and switch everything off … offices wear a dark, deserted look … But of course, pieces of infrastructure required to be kept ‘On’ for some customers so that those customers and in turn, their customers can stay happy and also generate dollars, are left untouched. [That was a long sentence that makes me imagine that if you read it, you are about to gasp for breath, but I am too lazy to break it down, so kindly or should I say, Dayavittu solpa adjust maadi!] By now you already guessed that those resources (and I mean the People kind of resources) who work for such non year-end holiday taking somber type of customers, need to come to office. They are the karmayogis [loosely translates to action heroes] that need to keep pumping coal into these client engines during those days when their colleagues are ‘volunteered’ to take a mandatory off. Those colleagues are likely to shake off some black color off their feet due to carbon footprint reduction program or something like that.
As this part of the year has also arrived sooner than expected, it is now obvious that time has once again gone by extremely fast. Consider that maybe the earth has turned disobedient. Earth just stopped to abide by the gravitational, electromagnetic and whatever other antipodal non-trigonometric forces or laws that geography plus observation based Greek alphabet filled equations had been derived as a matter of fact by our scientists or even astrologers thousands of years ago. [Gasp again!] 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year (more or less) remains the same but the 24 hour duration itself has become faster, you see! Has the Earth decided to rotate faster than last year? Did it accelerate by just that little bit so we didn’t notice while the speed increased? When it is already 10 months down in the year, we now realize the game or will the so-called wise laugh at me for proposing such a theory? What if the Sun is bored or even tired of generating exactly that much amount of pulling power that make the planets revolve around it in exactly the same amount of time every time since the origin of matter … around the time of that Bong theory of a Big Bang or something like that. What if resources handling the Sun and also those working inside the Earth also decide to do an annual shut down, just so we can enjoy and take a break of a different kind?

Last year, I spent an enormous amount of time trying to Google out a place that would be calm, not too expensive but beautiful and offer breathtaking views. If this could be considered as Cause, then the desired Effect was: Words would automatically flow from my head through my veins to my fingers that would convert this creative energy juice to countless words on the MS Word document and about 300 or so pages of MS Word would be typed up to be edited and compiled into The Book! I did shortlist a place after several rejections and did get to type a few pages, but the place wasn’t exactly of the quiet kind, especially from 8 am to 4 pm, as it was close to a tourist spot. As I begin to wonder if I need to Google and start on the search all over again, I am already tired. I hate the Internet for not showing me THE place I want to go to … where I can get luxury, quiet, peace and a good cook. A Kerala houseboat is perfect but not if I want to keep typing … unfortunately, everything in India is costlier than ever and I need to think about the budgets too. Most travel sites suck, are doctored etc and I DO NOT want to decide based on the suggestions of people I don’t know and whose needs and wants are different. Oh no … I hate this power down and the concept of forced holidays!

And then, unlike 2011 end and the Indian team’s Australian tour with its associated disasters, this year-end brings hope to the always hopeful optimist Indian cricket fan. Hopes have multiplied, especially with Ashwin and Ojha ready to spin revenge on the Englishmen. Ah, there goes another year now …. And I need and demand a strategic time out [remember IPL, anybody?!]

Fast forward to 25th December, 2012:

Hello, Hello Holy Sun, can you kindly press the Pause Button Please!!? The Earth has not rotated and revolved properly.

Call Center employee outsourced by Surya Bhagawan:
Hello Sir, Sure, this is Jotica, I can help you. Please press 1 … And a merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you sir!


3 thoughts on “Annual shutdown, random nonsense, Geographic discovery and all that …

  1. 🙂 Well after a point, I started wondering “What is Ranga trying to say…” then I went back and read the title of the blog and got my answer… 🙂 Nice!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this post – the gasp-worthy sentences (especially the second one), the distaste for forced holidays and the inability of Google to show “THE” place (I can so relate to that!).

    Ranga: Thanks, Archi. THE place hunt is really such a pain … we should talk abt it some time.

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