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Diwali wishes …

I remembered that I did write about Diwali last year and went back to that post. Whatever I write, I feel so good about it, but when I read it later, it seems so bad. I am frankly scared about completing my book, and it becoming a mega flop. Of course, I also realize that it is all about the journey and not the destination alone. Fate …. ““We are all victims, Anselmo. Our Destinies are decided by a cosmic roll of the dice, the winds of the stars, the vagrant breezes of the fortune that blow from the windmills of the gods…” remember seeing this in Sidney Sheldon’s book.

As observed in an earlier post on a geographic discovery, with another festival milestone drawing closer, I am convinced about time working overtime this year. How can Diwali arrive so fast when it should only be around July or August now? Since it is Diwali time already, and the festive spirit is all pervasive, let me take this opportunity to wish everybody a great Diwali. About complaining to God on this earth moving ultrafast, will wait for Kejriwal to do something about it.

Some observations on this year’s run up to Diwali. I am extremely eager to read data analysis on the spend patterns and comparisons with previous years, across regions and across the demographic sub profiles. I surely hope that somebody covers it in detail. If the print ads are anything to go by, this month should have pushed the sales of TVs, other electronic items, cars, random gift items and of course gold jewelry to levels beyond stratosphere. To tempt the buyers, there are super seductive finance schemes cunningly designed by the marketing brains of the usual suspects: the mediocre but arrogant (MBA) people. Interestingly, this year also saw Gold ETFs being a hot sought after item with the Bombay Stock Exchange announcing that it would open its online gold store, even on a Sunday so that the tradition of buying yellow metal on this auspicious day is not compromised. Wow!! The media has also been pushing this as a time when traditionally people give gifts to each other. So, there are lots of tips on what should be bought as gifts, because meaningless gifts would be such a waste of money [then, why sell them in the first place?] What gifting tradition?? Companies that used to give boxes have stopped due to cost cutting measures. So, the sales of fireworks have gone down, reports The Hindu. But, there is still a day or two to go. In India, we buy new clothes and exchange sweet boxes but buying gifts because it is Festival time seems like a totally new concept being projected as a tradition by sections of the media.

Now for the hopes, wishes and prayers … Wish everybody a safe and happy Diwali. Hope it is less noisy and polluted than the previous years. What I also long for is a true celebration of the day, where there is just happiness and joy across all sections of society. Let us hope that doctors and nurses can get to enjoy the day because nobody gets hurt, the underprivileged, the old and the poor find a reason to smile. And of course, also hoping that the new movie releases turn out to be decent films …. I sure am looking forward to Thuppakki, while missus silently prays for JTHJ’s success … $#%@^!* The promos of the new action flick by Murugadoss rock and I will be a very happy man if this is a super hit, although the trailers are promising a binary reaction, Hit or Flop?





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