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Delhi Belly – Dark and Ugly

Rape Capital! What a shame to have earned such a dubious nickname?

That too in a place with a woman as its CM. A CM who may be extremely weak in mathematics but one who belongs to a party that is very good in arithmetic. When it comes to passing bills in the name of reforms and garnering enough seats to keep on ruling, it seems that the arithmetic of political business is the only action that is happening. An art that is perfected by the veteran netas in UPA. Opposition parties are busy buying Vicks or Stepsils for their sore throats.

Even after this gang rape incident, it has been found that cops are finding it so cold at nights that they are busy sipping chai and usually nowhere to be found. I saw a disturbing report on Aaj Tak channel. Forget media’s sensationalizing tendencies here for a moment. In this news program, about 10 of their women journalists in Delhi went on a road trip across the city at night, taking different routes and reported on their experiences. When they stopped their cars, pretending that there was a problem, put their parking lights on, and stepped out, there were other cars that just went past. Nobody stopped to help or ask if there was a problem. That indifference is still acceptable. But almost every journalist was whistled at and lewd comments were passed; wherever a potential molester or a group of them did stop, they backed off and sped away ONLY at the sight of a cameraman behind. At several places, cops were on vacation or were busy taking rest so that they could store enough energy that would be needed when the party week begins in 3-4 days from now. That is another possibility.

I am sorry if I do not understand the laws or the history behind death penalty or the logic of why a terrorist or criminal should not be hanged. But what I do understand is that there are several people who think that hanging somebody will act as a deterrent for somebody else to commit the same crime. It serves as an example and there is enough evidence suggesting that this logic is flawed.

Statistically speaking, if A is hanged for committing crime B, then there should be a reduction in crime B after A has been hanged. Bloody mathematics again, a subject that the politicians are so strong in, except of course in the case of calculating the grocery bill of a 5 member family. It has been proved that there is not enough data to show a positive correlation between Hanging and Reduction of crime B. Therefore, the death penalty does not make sense and should be abolished. Hmm … Ok, that’s one perspective alright!

Meanwhile, sipping my morning filter coffee, I also read that the girl’s condition has deteriorated. The newspaper also clarifies that the rapists were so brutal that her stomach and intestines are badly injured. They beat the victim’s friend with iron rods and gang raped the girl AND then threw them from the bus. They were thrown to die. Then the bus was cleaned up so all forms of evidence could be erased. Then they went back to their normal lives. This is spine chilling violence of a macabre kind that would put Tarantino’s love for gore to shame. This is beyond rape or sex by use of force. Such people cannot be part of a society where normal people live. Such savage tendencies can only be present in creatures that need to be quarantined. Even wild animals have grace and follow their own set of jungle rules built to survive in a better manner.

These rapists must be punished. And punished in such a manner that it does act as a deterrent for future criminals. Each time somebody thinks of going ahead with a rape, the sight of the punishment and plight of these rapists must come to their minds. A sight so gruesome and horrible, that they would think many times before proceeding with the act. That is the challenge for which a solution is needed quickly.

For God’s sake, please do not bring in a logic that such criminals must be given an opportunity to reform, this is the land of the Mahatma, Ahimsa etc. We have a situation that is so bad, that the administration has no choice but to wake up from their deep slumber, rub their eyes and swing into action immediately. The Aaj Tak reporters exposed the pathetic state of affairs …. We must seek suspension, punishment and swift action from cops and until something happens, kudos for continuing to expose the inaction.

Priorities must change.

The British tortured our freedom fighters in sub-human conditions when they felt threatened by the likes of Veer Sawarkar. There is nothing wrong if we bring back Kaala Paani days and subject these bastards to such torturous conditions. That is, IF we are serious about equality and want women to co-exist as fellow human beings.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people on the streets who love violence. If there is a fight between 2 states on water release or dam related, the common man on the street across an imaginary border between states does not hesitate once to drag helpless families out of cars, shave their heads and beat them up too. Children and women are not spared either. When such incidents happen, you can see them dancing with joy giving the concept of Taandav Nritya a different meaning altogether. A petty thief who gets caught in the streets of Kolkata is subject to such merciless thrashing, you know the beating is not because of moral policing. Moral policing, my foot! Just as I write this post to take the anger out, there are many who like, love and even worship violence. Give them an opportunity to handle the rapists. Frustration levels in the country will go down. Strange that in comedy tracks, audience in theaters erupt with joy when the comedian gets beaten black and blue. Maybe violence is funny but that is not something that people like me will understand or appreciate. Poor Vadivelu, the Tamil comedian.

And for all those people who believe that a change in Government will usher in a new era of peace and change, I doubt it. That is for a later post but for now, please do something, Sheela ji. Please …. at least do some upward delegation to Manmohan ji or to Madam ji or Rahul Baba ji. Oh, they also live there only, no? A simple calculator can be used to rectify the 600 rupee remark, Madam, but for this, where is that Chief Minister who impressed the country with her ability to bring about change and cleared the Delhi skies of pollution? Time to remove pollution of a different kind now … and Ironic that the incident happened in a bus that will surely meet all pollution control norms but had people in it causing pollution of a dangerous and different kind! Please kuch karo … !


One thought on “Delhi Belly – Dark and Ugly

  1. Hey Ranga… I could not agree more with you. I have a couple of thoughts on this punishment.

    a) I agree death penalty may not be the solution – But there has to be something that basically makes him live like a dead man (like the victim). One idea can be to make sure all the news daily, media print the culprit’s face through out the country for a minimum of month – Like this guy who molested a girl in Assam. His face is so ingrained my memory now, he is sure to see rejection. So that majority of the people know about the henious crime and just reject him from the society. No bank accounts, no passport, no government subsidy… He should see rejection, rejection, rejection everywhere he goes… Basically feels that Kill me already, I dont want to live

    b) But to do this, we have to be absolutely sure of the conviction… Because our country is well known to punish the weak and let the culprits go scot free… The forenic based evidence facility has to increase. Victims have been educated. This way conviction happens sooner, and is proved without a doubt.

    c) Special courts specifically try these cases so quicker resolutions. Particulary for a crime like this, justice delayed is not just justice denied… Its even worse.. Its as if the law is punishing the victim…

    Most of these changes are simple and process oriented… Just requires the political will.

    Ranga: Yes Gokul. There is so much anger in the country today, there has to be a solution NOW.

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