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Silence is golden

Silence is golden.

If you keep quiet when you are supposed to speak up, is there a problem? Really? A lot of people do not ask questions when they probably should. At the same time, there are others who talk all the time. A point of view on everything, anything and yes, all the time! Like the Mausi or friendly neighborhood culture preserver Mami, who must have an opinion on most things, albeit usually from a cultural viewpoint?

A quick comparison as I am amused at the thought itself. At B-schools, in order to encourage sharing your views, most courses had 10% marks reserved for ‘class participation’ [CP]. It was interpreted as ‘the more questions you asked, sometimes just for the sake of it, the more random points you shared in the class, the more the CP’. Random CP was called ACP, i.e. Aarbit CP or arbitrary CP. Good days those!

But if you are in a position of power and still keep quiet, you are likely to attract criticism. Like our current Prime Minister whose reticence is legendary. Maun Mohan Singh as NaMo called him.

I now wish to draw your attention as I express my awe at one individual, who is not being targeted for the Indian team’s performance in tests, ODIs and T20s as well. Critics, ex-cricketers, the common man on the street across the nation and anybody who follows cricket (which is about a billion plus people) have all gone overboard with their opinions. But there is one individual who does not seem to inspire the team but is silent. Surprisingly, the team members have always spoken good things about him.

I think Duncan Fletcher’s ‘Silence is Golden’ policy is paying off well. He is probably on a maun vrat and hence nobody is saying, “Please sack him.” Just to try and rub salt, let us remember that his predecessor Gary Kirsten helped India win the World Cup and India was then the number 1 Test team. We had also won from situations that needed a lot of self-belief!

But today, instead of bowlers pitching the ball in the right areas, or the coach making the right pitch to get the players to focus, we have all kinds of excuses when we lose and there never has been more debate on pitches than during the just concluded series. MSD has become the biggest expert on how to bitch about the pitch.

Random thoughts follow. Duncan Fletcher interestingly anagrams to “A Chef Ctrl Un-End” … And as per Naamananda Swami it means that in the series we can predict that “A Coo k will take control and play few innings that may not end …”  How true, in retrospect, no?

Random PJs:

  1. Coach with the lads doing fielding practice: Ball goes to Sehwag and he tells coach, I am ‘Done and Cannot Fetch her’ …
  2. Name sounds like he needs to be Dunk and Put on a Stretcher Or Rhymes with Drunken Stretcher or Shrunken Lecher …


Moral of the story: Silence is so golden that even the worst coach of Indian cricket team in its recent history can go unnoticed.

So, I shall shut up now.


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