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The Souls and the Truth

Didnt get time to edit … hope you like the idea behind this short story!

Chapter I:

Rathore and Rudrani must have been destined to meet at a spiritual discourse of all places, a place that neither of them would visit under normal circumstances. Rathore, a 6’2” body builder was usually busy at the gym working on his 6 pack and loved showing off his muscles and the other parts of the day were spent reading or sleeping. Although an ultra-rich industrialist’s son, born with a platinum spoon he was more of a loner, with books and weights for friends. Rudrani was a marketing manager at a MNC and of late she began to worry about her smoking and drinking habit. She wanted to quit but the work pressure and regular parties was taking a toll. She was secretly searching for a way out and just for the heck of it, went ahead to listen to the famous Rangarajaswami Acharya’s discourse. Maybe she would become the same girl again, happy and chirpy. Not chirpy in the artificial world she found herself in.

It was obvious that both Rathore and Rudrani were out of place. They were the only ones dressed in jeans, for starters. The average age of the others in attendance would have been about sixty seven, at least!! Madisaaru aunts and accompanying uncles made up the audience. The Guruji from his stage looked down at his ‘disciples’ and was greeted with heads, grey, white or shining due to the lack of hair … except for Rathore and Rudrani. Their commonness brought them together. A friendship blossomed with coffee to start with as a witness. Few more coffee drinking sessions and in a few weeks they realized that they were in love.

They were happy that they could be together and run away from the world. A trip to the Himalayas was planned and they decided to go on a trek.

Chapter II:

It was a chilly full moon night and the blanket of snow shone brightly encouraged further by the rays of the moon. The snow covered majestic mountains stood around them. The Trimaram [Three Trees] stood tall in its arrowhead formation. The largest of them was about 150 feet tall and flanked by the other 2 trees that stood about 10 feet behind and about 100 feet high themselves. At that time of the year there weren’t too many leaves and the Trimaram had several stories floating around about them. Like with many things in India, the Trimaram too had been worshipped by the Pandavas. The middle tree, Mahamaram was rumoured to be a 3rd century Sage who fought for justice while the other 2 trees were his faithful disciples and bodyguards, the Duvrikshaas.

Rathore was tied to Mahamaram around his waist and his hands were tied to the Duvrikshaas. He was semi-naked and the blood that was oozing out from his cuts and wounds barely managed to find its way through the thick cake of blood only to trickle down and make feeble attempts to colour the snow with a red hue. As the last hopes of living any longer began to disappear and the branch that was lodged deep inside his stomach after Rudrani had stabbed him multiple times, admirably he could still gather enough strength to ask, “Why Rudrani, why??”

She took a swig of whiskey and began to explain, “A fundamental assumption that humans make is wrong and you shall be a fortunate man to learn this. The concept of the soul being immortal is true, the belief that a soul finds itself a body to live and leaves it after the body’s shelf life expires is also true. The soul is freed and looks for another ‘house’ so to speak. But what we humans do not and have not acknowledged is that the body is not a dedicated house to a solitary soul. A soul or many souls can enter a body just at the time of birth and can exit only at the time of death. So a body ends up housing many souls. Understand that there is a demand supply gap between bodies available and number of souls. The human body is in maximum demand followed by that of animals, plants and insects. Ability to occupy a body for longer duration is critical. Therefore, it is a large joint family of souls that resides in the body. Depending on the structure that evolves in this house the character of the human shapes up. If there are more ‘good’ souls, a person is predominantly good, but if more ‘bad’ souls occupy the body house, the person is predominantly bad. That is also precisely why every human has a good side along with a bad side! A male has some yin and every woman has some yang characteristics.”

As Rathore dies with his head bowing down as if in shame, souls residing in his body house fly away in a hurry. After all they have a huge distance to cover given that Rathore died in the Himalayas in the Trimaram area where there is no sight of another body or birth for hundreds of miles.

Rudrani begins to weep as the good souls in her helplessly look on while the evil ones decide to sleep after the exhaustion of murdering Rathore for the sake of it. Who cares? Souls that occupied Rathore Mansion a few minutes ago are already scattered across the globe looking for new room partners – an activity that happens once in 60 years on an average if the house is human or once in 2 hours if only a mosquito home is available. The good souls make Rudrani sadder and an intense sense of guilt grips her. All of a sudden, Rudrani pulls the sharp branch out from Rathore’s stomach and stabs herself too!!

Somebody somewhere comments on how ‘Only Love is Real’ along with the concept of soul mates but it is just another marketing gimmick by the Mega Lord of the Universe.

Whatever may be the case, May the Souls ‘journey’ well …


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