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The Ex factor

I know I am no Ranbir Kapoor but still I too am a hero whenever I see a mirror.

Ok, Ok, the mirror is a strange thing but that is a different story penned in The Book.

Back to Ranbir, honestly, one just couldn’t stop noticing the chemistry between him and Deepika, more so after they had officially split but acted in a recent hit, YJHD. They spoke about what a lot of people don’t prefer to discuss in public. Ex means it’s over … and there is always a risk that from ex status you might move back to current status when the ex-factor is around. That can complicate a lot of things. With time and especially after marriage, you are expected to forget the past. But times have changed. Forward thinking seems to be the flavour of the season and people are smiling, whistling, clapping and rolling on the floor laughing their asses off ;-), all in the name of applauding the honesty of Deepika and Ranbir. They were not complaining as it gave them good publicity and why should anybody complain? Isn’t this how a classical win-win situation is defined? Every stakeholder in the ecosystem that watched Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani enjoyed the tamasha, including myself. Whistle podu! But additionally it has also given me the strength to talk about my ex. Now that I met her after nearly 12-13 years, I am also going to talk about her – will worry about the consequences later!

I was introduced to her by my friend Lokesh and being a sucker for good smell, I admit that it was her irresistible sweet fragrance that took me off my feet. Was it love at first smell for me? To confess, especially under the shower she smelled awesome. I could feel her presence around me almost throughout the day despite the hot and humid conditions in good old Kolkata. Then I went to the US but she couldn’t come with me. Slowly I lost touch and began to miss her very badly. I looked around for her every time I came on a visit to India and also in Desi stores in America. Every time somebody went back to India for a vacation and was kind enough to ask me if I needed anything, I requested them to look for her. But no, she was gone and all hope was lost. I got married, have kids but somewhere back now in the hot and humid namma Chennai in India, my eyes longingly searched for her, especially in malls and departmental stores because that is where I had first been introduced to her. Lokesh, you ass!! Hope is a dangerous thing as it can make illusions seem real and blurs the line between reality and fantasy.

2 weekends ago, I was with my wife and mother when I saw her again. I was at Big Bazaar, another one of those temples of Indian consumerism and couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally did see her. My throat went dry and I was numbed with excitement. She was still the same, a tad tanned maybe but she looked exactly the same. Deep inside me some strange chemical reactions happened that took me back to those happy days and I once again remembered the smell. Unable to hold back, like a teenager I ran towards her, unafraid of the consequences. I could feel dry tears of joy flowing copiously. I held her close to my nose and convinced that the smell was the same, picked her up.

Not 1 but 5 of her. She was earlier a product of Shaw Wallace. They had stopped her production but she is now being marketed by Wipro … I am back with Aramusk, my darling, the wonderful soap for Men.


4 thoughts on “The Ex factor

  1. Actually, she is my ex too. Did not know that she is available again, otherwise would have got her for sure when I was in India (until yesyerday)!!!!

    Ranga: Hee hee … no worries, bahut supply bhi hain aur demand bhi 😉

  2. You are funny Ranga. I was thinking what your wife would have told you after reading this esp, “chemical reaction’ and “those happy days”. I guess i did not pay attention when you mentioned about the smell in the shower.

    Ranga: Thanks, Suchitra. How I wish 😦

  3. Good one – I am sure Aarthi would have been very interested in knowing this story!

    Ranga: She predicted the end very soon … she is so confident about my capabilities to pataao women, its embarrassing! 😉

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