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Nirbhaya, Jagruti, Damini and a Child’s Play

Not sure if you have seen the movie, Child’s Play. After the success of the first one, it had several sequels too. To borrow from Rotten Tomatoes: the film opens with serial killer Brad Dourif taking refuge in a doll factory. Dourif is killed by the cops, but not before he has invoked a voodoo curse which transfers his soul into one of the dolls. That particular doll, nicknamed Chucky, is unwittingly purchased by Catherine Hicks for her son Alex Vincent. Several murders occur shortly thereafter; all evidence points to Alex, who insists that his cherub-faced doll is responsible. Blah Blah …. Part 1 ends, Part II, III …

There are several twists and turns in the plot, the sequels get gorier and the popular opinion remains that only Parts I and II were good. To stop the murders the toy, i.e. the Child’s Play had to be burnt or shredded. Of course, the movie makers always found a way to justify the return of Chucky in an attempt to keep the cash registers ringing. The desi version, Paapi Gudiya was a big time flop that was inspired by Child’s Play. It even had Karishma Kapoor but was so pathetically made that some of the ‘scary’ scenes were not even funny. But that’s not the point here. My point is that if a toy is cursed and goes about murdering people, do we consider leaving the toy as is because it is after all just a Toy? A child’s play? The answer seems straightforward and has to be a No!


No!!! And that is the irony.

When it comes to a young boy, we seem to have rationalized by using complex rules and Laws that the common man like me does not comprehend. A boy on the verge of becoming 18 behaves like a monster, brutally rapes and cruelly murders a helpless girl, punctuates the gruesome act with unimaginable deeds that only a wicked abnormal mind can imagine. But the fast track courts let him off with a 3 year punishment. Because he is, err … was a minor! How can you ever be sure that he will not be a Chucky 2 when he is released after the reform program? Some things, I cannot comprehend, and the Delhi rape case verdict for this newly turned adult bastard is a shame on the collective conscience of the entire country.

Or is the Law only a Child’s Play?


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