random thoughts


I am so bored that I need to write something.

… Something!!

Sorry, that was reusing a dismal PJ …

So what I need to actually write about is Something indeed! Something chatpata / something that is interesting while writing and hopefully interesting for the reader too! Obviously, it leaves out several topics like rocket science, kabaddi, rupee dollar relationships, political science, archaeology, medical sciences, nuances of music etc. I will not go on and on. There are so many other topics that are so complex that I don’t have a clue about where to start! I am not sure what I should write about ‘Something’ because I am really sleepy right now, so much so that my eyes manage to see things fully in the horizontal (x) axis but in the vertical (y) axis it is about one-fourth of what I would see when my eyelids were not revolting. I amd once in a while dozing off and know that theere are typewryiting errors while I am typeng this but who cares?

An interesting topic is of course rupee-dollar relationship and how it affects the way you spend time on your bed and how. Each toss and turn is because of the policies that somebody in the Government is going to come with up. But why should I write about such a wonderful topic and expose my grasp of financial and economic matters? I never understood the nuances of Finance because I believe it is all man-made mumbo jumbo. Then Something happened.

I fell in love

Something happened again, right now!

Boss just walked in … I am now wide awake.

But I realize that Boss didn’t walk in.

I am more than half asleep and typing to shake myself out of this stupor? My professional ethics and heart made of shuddh desi gold is forcing me to stay awake. Ah my ethics … can be used as dowry … but talking about Dowry is SOMETHING bad. Dare it and you will be sent to prison! But don’t worry, the cops are chilled out and time is up.

Something gotta give, something is better than nothing, something is just not right … Yawn… zzzz ……… shouldn’t even post this.

Something is also boring now! Zzzz …. let me focus on making my mind think of Nothing …

But thinking of nothing is still thinking. Thinking nothing is good.

I shall go and take a litre of cold water and pour it on my face otherwise Something tells me I will be firing ,,,,, ah, my sleep, I meant, someone will be telling me that I am getting fired …

Something … what a silly post to shoo sleep away, but Sleep Vs Ranga across multiple games is about 89 vs 1 today!

Something tells me I should shut up now and go back to work.


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