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My dear Waterman … I promise I will never lose you again!

It is over now.

It was absolutely fantastic while it lasted. Cant stop asking the cliched question, ‘Why must every great thing come to an end’? Sad that our wonderful relationship too had to come down to this. I am depressed and distracted. I don’t like attending meetings without you, I hate going to office without you and all I can do is blame this entire mess on one person, MYSELF and no one else! #@!%#^@&!!

Now you must be with somebody else. I only hope you have a great life ahead because you truly deserve the very best. You are the greatest, my dear Waterman! And I managed to do the unthinkable: I lost you somewhere. How could I after all these years? You had attended my marriage and come with me wherever I have gone. Remember the important meetings? The places we have been to in the last 9-10 years, you have been with me on every one of my trips across the world. So many people commented that they know very few people who use a fountain pen. I always smiled with pride and looked at you, my silver beauty! You were so efficient, so graceful and what can I say about your magical properties! Such was your magic that you could encourage me to write and succeeded in making even my horrible handwriting look good. I would write on paper only because it gave me an excuse to use you, the pleasure of writing while you flowed smoothly, was beyond description. It was like the dance of a ballerina … sorry if I am going overboard 🙂 I have not loved some thing more than you and am in two minds if I should buy another. The Pelikan doesn’t come close nor the Sheaffer. You, the Waterman (not the desi one) but you, my silver coloured companion for so many years, I am so helpless without you.

Maybe this post will help me to move on.

Hope whoever has found you will know your true worth. Hope he / she uses black ink and not blue.

One day, I pray I find you again. If that happens, I promise I will never lose you again.


Feels really strange that I am writing this letter to my lost fountain pen: totally senti 😦 😦 … sob sob!

I had even named her Silver … it is now time to swipe the credit card. William Penn, here I come … err, wait … 


2 thoughts on “My dear Waterman … I promise I will never lose you again!

  1. I kind of guessed that you were referring to the fountain pen… I haven’t lost my fountain pen yet… simply because I put it off safely in my locker and stopped using it… 🙂

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