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Nose Knows .. Noses Know, Whatever!

Soap for Men Matters:
After the previous post on Aramusk that generated some interest especially among friends who had used this product before, I want to give an update now that I am the proud owner of several Aramusks!
The old Aramusk texture and feel is retained but the smell has been tampered with. This new avatar is therefore, only about 70% the original one.

Given above scenario and the fact that I have been walking around a little depressed after losing my darling Waterman fountain pen, the sadness felt amplified.

Therefore, I began to look for alternatives and the family members in the house have begun to get irritated at this habit of mine. I now have 4 types of soaps and about 20 of them hidden across the house! So many of them you may wonder?! Let me explain: Being the money savior, I mean the savings oriented man, I bought in packs of 3 or 6 or 8 bars of Cinthol (several types like Lemon, Deo, Cool), Aramusk and some similar fragrances of Park Avenue soaps. Not that they are bad but what is life without a little variety? All along though, I ached for the original Aramusk. And finally I saw light at the end of the tunnel.

I think I found the original Aramusk in Wild Stone Musk. The other 2 varieties in Wild Stone did not seem good enough but try Musk if you are the Aramusk Man.

Now that I found the Wild Stone soap, I am wondering if the ad and my buying behavior are related in any way at all. These deo and soap ads seem to be obsessed with hot women and the forces of attraction but maybe I am not even considered in their target group. Fools! Or is it me who should not think that probability of such events is zilch! Maybe I am supposed to run around in search of a football field, build a 6 pack and wait for a bevy of girls bribing a small boy with candy …. Hmm … easier to just enjoy the bath, the ad and continue to laugh at the one track minds of the ad creators who like those commercial masala movie makers do not want to deviate from the set formula … my point of view: it sure is time for some fresh thinking.

Deo for Men, BRUTal reality Matters:
If you have been a Brut fan (the original dark green and black one, not the different avatars that are sold today in the name a Brut Deo), then I have a solid piece of advice for you. If you are in India and spot this bottle, DO NOT buy as it is bound to be a fake. I have been cheated several times and being the optimist that I am, still buy the damned thing! Like the soap collection activity, I now unfortunately have a few bottles of the fake BRUT. They were bought from different stores: Nilgiris, Pharmacy stores etc but they all smell different because there is only gas and very little amount of some cheap deo or the other in it.

That’s all for now, can’t describe how proud I am feeling at writing men’s fashion related posts …
Keep Smelling err… Smiling!



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