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Movie Review of Dhoom 3 and why is it a mega hit?

The success of Dhoom 3 continues to baffle critics. Purists are embarrassed to explain the logic of making such ‘meaningless’ films. Ha Ha, in more ways than one I find this situation very similar to AAP’s success. But more on that in another post another day, maybe!
If we look at the success of Chetan Bhagat’s books, for example, I know many people who were even frustrated that somebody with such pathetic writing skills could write. Blasphemy, huh? Of course you have many writers and some of them are successful too. Why? Varun Agarwal starts his book saying he tried hard to find Hemingway in him but didn’t, so he wrote without bothering about language! Hmm … let us go back to Dhoom-3.
The fact is that there has been a paradigm shift in the demand and supply of what the viewer wants and what he gets. Sometimes, when he gets unexpected bonuses, the viewer is thrilled. Just like how a child is thrilled when he / she gets a surprise candy as a gift. Critics are still stuck on the story aspect and that is where they are unable to look at Dhoom – 3 favourably. Where is the logic, they keep asking?
My view:
A MOVIE was the short form of ‘Movement of Videos Inciting Entertainment’. You could replace Entertainment with Excitement or any other term. But in today’s world where the viewer wants more bang for the buck (the viewers always wanted bang for the buck but the demand for more is continuously increasing). So, what is most important is to prioritise on EXPERIENCE. That is the new definition of a MOVIE … Movement of Videos to Incite EXPERIENCE
If we look at corporate businesses, everybody talks about Customer Experience Management and how for example, banks are gearing up to offer personalized services across multiple channels! All the talk about SMAC, Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, Big Data etc is around customer experience! Phenomenal! The same customer who is wooed by credit card companies, telecom players and one who is increasingly spoilt for choices wants unique experiences when it comes to movie watching or book reading too. Dhoom 3 is one movie where the visuals and sound effects are certainly appealing. Yes, there are several illogical aspects in the film! However, there are enough efforts on chases, foreign locales, songs, dances, fights, Amir and Kat! The overall package stamped out the need for a powerful logic-driven script built on intense relationships or comedy etc. This is not the first ‘senseless’ movie which has crossed 100 cr, there will be many more to come. Just that we need better reviewers. To get balanced view points, along with traditional critics, we need more innovative modern critics who can start reviewing films keeping Viewer Experience (VE) in mind. Break this VE down into actors, acting, direction, visual effects, scripts etc … To simplify, when the movie titles are shown, infinite names and roles appear. Each role is significant and that has to be understood before giving a great movie like Dhoom 3 a 2 out of 5 stars! I give it 3.5 and on commercial success, obviously it is 5/5!
How I wish I could become a part time movie critic.
Looking forward to Sholay 3-D next …


2 thoughts on “Movie Review of Dhoom 3 and why is it a mega hit?

  1. Quite a proper judgment on the ‘Experience’ aspect.I could just get a hint (without even watching the movie) Jai ho is not going to have a great script either. But might even be a bigger hit than Dhoom3. Blame the public for promoting such movies maybe?

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