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Positive Conversations

After a fairly long hiatus, Rangananda Baba side of me is back to scribbling random thoughts again.

For the last few months, I have been dabbling with the idea of having positive conversations with self and others. Positive conversations as an idea or philosophy is inspired by the book, Three Laws of Performance, introduced to me by my good friend Venky, the Madurai origin Iyer Mama from Charlotte, NC. The context is very simple. It says organizations are made up of people and people have conversations. So organizations are made up of conversations. So more positive conversations means better organizational performance indices.

I extrapolated the above idea to include my personal thoughts. On top of that, there is no doubt that the best days of life in terms of positive energy and thoughts were when I was totally immersed in love. Of course, as time goes on, actual time spent with loved ones keeps reducing. When in love, the whole world seems nice and there is a poet that comes out. The poet is naturally inclined to romanticise the surroundings. At that phase we tend to have ultra-positive conversations. The point is, I believe, we as humans have a natural tendency to slip into a negative energy zone much faster than staying positive. We love to complain and gossip that generates a lot of negative conversations. More fuel gets added easily when others join and the quicksand of infinite negativity is all too eager to devour you, marinating you in its acerbic juices slowly and surely. I am trying hard to fight this negativity with a few thoughts and ideas that I decided to share. Yes, I am giving gyan but if it helps somebody out there, the risk of writing this is worth it.

  1. Have positive conversations. Slowly you will see that the effort needed to get into a natural positive frame of mind, will start reducing. Example: There are certain individuals about whom people like to make negative comments. The moment you discourage these individuals and explain that the negative conversation will lead to nothing, that the cribs are not even important in a larger context, you will start to build a positive layer around you
  2. Love: Bring out the poet and the romantic in you. People feel shy or embarrassed about being in love with life and other things around them. On the contrary we should love what we do or not do it at least 80% of the time. I say 80% from a pragmatic angle because there is a 20% in my life that is unavoidable, especially transactions that I hate doing. But we must go through the rigmarole of implementing them without cribbing. It is a faster way to deal with the shit that life throws at you. Also, when in love, positive conversations are abundant and you are a much easier person for people to associate with. You smile, you have a sense of humour and people notice your positivity and respond to it well.
  3. Design Thinking: I have thought of Design Execution, a notch above Design Thinking. It is about upgrading within constraints. Constraints will always be there but Execution need not stop. When we get others to support, I see that after all, we are not all alone in this big bad world to face its challenges. My project of coming out with the next book and to restart focus on my venture to support disabled painters is getting a lot of positive encouragement thanks to Design Execution / Thinking. More on that later.
  4. Clarity, Comparison and Comfort: Get clear on what you want to do and stop comparisons with others. Then you will be more comfortable with yourself. Example, If you don’t want to be filthy rich, its ok …

I am convinced that thoughts are also investments and thoughts are conversations with self. Return on Investment is high when you have positive conversations and I wish you all the best to reap huge benefits of positive thoughts, conversations and energy!


3 thoughts on “Positive Conversations

  1. “Marinated in acerbic juices”, “quicksand of negativity” – well the poet/ writer is back. And you have used the word “rigmarole” means u have dusted the recesses of ur mind a little and these long-shelved words have dropped from its cocoon. The soil of ur mind is quite fertile and thus it be tilled. Include some blood & sweat, you would not know what you would end up growing anew. Cheers & Nice to have you back toiling on this side of page of life you really love. Chupa le kyon sazaa de rahe ho, bechain hokar bhi, jazbaaton ko razaa de raho ho (razaa bole tho chutti) πŸ‘πŸΊπŸ™

    1. πŸ™‚ Thanks Mahesh, as always yengiyo poitteenga. The poet was always alive, just that i have decided to write more regularly and bring him out in the open once again. After all, I have to torment the world with ‘The Book: Flights of Fantasy’ sooner than later … πŸ™‚

  2. Agree, it’s time for fantasy. So let the world have the pleasure of hopping on to that flight. Who knows instead of “torment”, it could be a Moment of New Advent” ! As you love to say Providence plays Mischiefs. Cheers πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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