Rangarajan aka Rungun aka Ronga B aka Rangs aka Ranga

Rangarajan Iyengar spent his schooling days in Calcutta, (with most people calling him Rongo!), went to IIT Kharagpur, then to HCL, then to IIM Lucknow, HCL, Scholars’ League, Cognizant and now with Syntel. He likes traditional stuff, like typical Kolkata Bong (the language), Chennai Tamil, UP / Bihari Hindi. For the last 2 years, he has been in the USofA, moved from Charlotte to Pittsburgh recently.

Loves to eat, watch movies, sleep and play with his daughter. Tries to win brownie points from Aarthi, his wife but I wonder what he does with it.  Loves cricket and can give funda on cricket like a Bong or Asati. (Asati, according to Ranga is one man who can give funda on anything and everything from microwave technology to stock markets to how a V6 engine works to well, what is God?)

Keeps reminding people who know him that he has learnt violin for 13 years but people who know him for the last 12 years have never seen him with a violin! Of late, watches a lot of Food network (thanks to the Cooker of the house) and all kinds of kid’s programmes like Curious George, Caillou etc thanks to the little monster!

Ranga feels he is pathetic at keeping in touch with people. Call it laziness or whatever, but he has not managed to regularly be in touch with people he knows. So, he has started to blog! (do u understand what the logic is?? well, if you do, you are seriyaana pisthaa else tusi great ho ji!)

And yeah, I do like to give my gyan on stuff related to the industry and whatever I say does not reflect any opinion or views of my employer, present or ex. They are all my opinions only.

Hope you enjoy your visit here – do feel free to write your comments and have a good time!


11 thoughts on “Rangarajan aka Rungun aka Ronga B aka Rangs aka Ranga

  1. i was with Syntel , at Chennai from 12/2000 to 2005, then at Louisville for a couple of yrs. Am now in Dallas . used to admire Bongs bcoz of their accent, music, and the Cal soccer players and teams , favourite teams have been Tollygunge Agragami ( just coz i luv this name )and Mohun Bagan . George Telegraph is a freaky name. have lived twice and spent 2 vacations in Cal — so 4 times in all !!!

    Ranga: aahaa, so, we have things in common. i will mail ur personal id and we can talk. accent and music plus how can u miss bong babes?? 🙂 when i was in school, east bengal & mohun bagan were front runners followed by Mohd Sporting. Of course later, goan teams also began doing great.

  2. my email id is ram555zz@yahoo.com. yes , those 3 were h and s above all other Indian teams. then goan and Punjabi teams started challenging them, and then Kerala Police. Manipur has a gr8 team, they won the Santosh Trophy some yrs back.

  3. Really liked it Ranga

    You have been a lazy bugger and this is a great way to know what you are upto (in your mind)..

    take care and keep it up

    Ranga: ha ha, thanks, Paurush!

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